Never Too Late//Three Days Grace.
For BOTH, I made a set on my bestest bestie ever, Genna. She doesn't have a Polyvore or Tumblr, so.
She's always constantly dying her hair crazy colors (or at least, I can never be sure of what her hair color will be). Right now, it's black with the ends dyed red. Her favorite colors are red, orange, purple, and black. Her favorite number is 13, and she likes Mayday Parade, Paramore, Three Days Grace, and Flyleaf.
People are really surprised when they hear me say that she's my best friend because we're pretty much complete opposites... or so they think. The truth is, we LOVE talking just about... anything. Guys, really, but hey, we're teenage girls. We also have the same taste in music, and we can't stand Justin Bieber and most of the jerks at our school. We're the outcasts xD
Why does everyone think we're so different? Because... hmm... let's compare and contrast.
-School: I'm taking courses that are 1-2 grades ahead, while she's been held back a grade (she's in 7th, and I'm not even sure if she's going to pass this time around)
-Trouble: Most teachers would call me an angel because I never do anything bad; I just talk a lot (but so does everyone). Genna's been suspended so many times this year that I've stop keeping track. She's suspended right now for slapping this bitchh in front of a teacher.
-Clothing: Me... um... just take a look at most of my fashion sets. I say most because there are just some things you'll NEVER see me wearing. Genna... uh... sweatshirts, baggy jeans, tutus, rocker chick style, something like that.

There's more, but I'm tired.
Bye. For now...

Actually, let's multi-task.
BOTTP contestants!
Welcome to Round 3. This is a partner round.
For this round, you'll need to make sets based on a phobia. You both must use the same phobia, and explain how your set represents the phobia. Art sets only, please. Also, it must have a lyric from the song, Fear//OneRepublic.
That's it! Extensions for 2 days, and 6 will move on.

And should I make a video of me singing something? I've had the idea for a long time, but was recently inpired by the shamazing Manny. 
The problems I have are that the only thing that takes video is my digital camera, and it's pretty bad. Then, it takes forever to upload to YouTube, and in the song itself, I don't play any instruments, so it'll sound even worse :/ I suppose I could edit it and add a karaoke version to it so it doesn't sound so pitiful, but still :P

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