Dear whoever is reading this,

I really like this set, it's bright and I love the colours and the outfit and the title, everything's just so pretty.

I just literally spent more than 5 hours with my best friend, and I can't tell how happy that makes me feel. I guess the good thing about feeling awfully lonely in school is the fact that now I more appreciate the time I spend with my friend.
We wanted to decide how we are going to celebrate my birthday (that's in a week oh my god), but we ended up with `wherever, whenever, it's just important that we'll meet again soon` and then just spend an amazing day together. I'm so happy I have a person I can tell `you're so annoying, leave me alone already` and she just laughs and go watch tv or something and understands that's not an insult. 
Anyway, she really knows to cheer me up. I was in some kind of bad mood because, even though some girls acts like they're my friends, they don't want to hang out with me outside of the school. And she told me she bets a tons of girls would like to hang out with me. Too bad she's not right this time, if she was, would I spend another birthday in my room? The answer is no, but I don't mind it. As long as I have her, I don't need anyone else. ♡

I'm listening to music and trying to finish my German homework, but I'm pretty bad at German so yeah. Soon I'll answer your sweet comments, I promise.
Love, Emina

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