*poof* I'm unhappy, single and lost in my confusion. 

I truly thought things were on the up. I thought this year was going to be awesome and maybe the happiness would cover up the loss that was to come. 

One day we kiss. The next he breaks up with me. The next day he has the audacity to call me clingy.

current emotions: anger, confusion, frustration, need, pain, loss, acceptance, fear, boredom, impatience. 

if you hadn't guessed by now, my boyfriend broke up with me. But i have no idea whats will happen next because i'm torn into pieces with different decisions. He will probably change his mind again and ill go running back. But i want to give up on him and his drama. 




Sorry for the terrible set. 

I won a gold medal for my clarinet and a silver medal for my singing in the music competition. i'm proud. 

I might take a break from Polyvore, or just make sets without descriptions. im pondering. its just a maybe. 

this is for Pia's ( @p314aa ) set challenge #2. watermelon. 

I wont be any less kind. just less happy until i find something to give me a reason to smile again.


lauren x

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Wrote three years ago
aw thank you very much c':
*yay i love hugs*
thank you hun!
lauren x

Wrote three years ago
What?! Oh, I am so sorry, Lauren.
Well, let me tell you that he is missing out on a beautiful, telented and amazing person. And if he can't see that and covers it up saying that you are 'clingy' (omg what?! You are not clingy), love, he doesn't deserve you! There are more fish in the ocean! Try to smile! Only if you want, you can PM me.
*hugs* everything will turn out fine, don't worry.
Aaandd, congratulations on your medals! :D

Wrote three years ago
aw thank you so much dear. thats so very sweet of you.
doctor who has made me a great deal better :) THE CRIMSON HORROR....
yesyesyes thats so adorableeee :PP
thats okay hun!

Wrote three years ago
WHAT!! O.0 ahw, hun! I'm so so so so sorry sweetie! :( I'm always here to talk to you if you need, ehg, I'm so mad at him. :\ you are not clingy, at all. :) You should watch Hobbit and Doctor Who till you feel better. :P
Oh, thats so cool you won a metal!! :) I'm proud of you too. :D
Does this make you smile? :)
AW!! xD your tagglist tag for me is SO kind gal! :) Your amazing, beautiful and kind, your an inspiration to me as well darling!! :D

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