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about me

1. i live in texas
2. the first thing i do when i get home is put on my pajamas
3. i'm currently watching robot chicken
4. i'm obsessed with nostalgia for my childhood
5. i have one sibling, a younger brother
6. i eat a lot of sushi and tacos
7. my favorite tv show is the walking dead
8. i believe in peace luv & rock 'n roll
9. i am a feminist
10. one of my earliest memories is finding a red umbrella in a field 
11. i have really vivid dreams every night and they seem to always take place in the same place
12. i didn't study for my SATs
13. the last concert i went to was sky ferreira at sxsw
14. i own a lot of shoes but i pretty much only wear black toms and some black leather flip-flops
15. i am too lazy
16. i wear eye liner every day
17. my car's radio is currently set on 101.5
18. i have a crush on stephen colbert
19. some days i definitely out-eat the recommended daily value of calories
20. i just started a pinterest (
21. i RLY want to see spring breakers
22. i wear a lot of cardigans
23. i don't actually like writing this much about myself
24. it feels rly awkward
25. i <3 boys w/ tattoos

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