Nail tools are expensive. 'Nuff said. 

O1. Domo Nails
Ah, how we all love domo. Haha! Here's how to put him on your nails!

You'll need ;
Nailpolish (brown, red, white, and top coat if you want)
Toothpick (Makes life a whole lot easier.)

Paint your nails brown with as many coats as necisary and leave them to dry. Once you've done that, take the red. This bit can be hard, so take the toothpick and dip it into the bottle. Draw a little square big enough to be domo's mouth. Then fill it in with your nailpolish brush. 
Once it dries, just get another tooth pick and dip it in the white. Put little white triangles on the top and bottom of the red rectangle to make his teeth. 
Then do two black dots for his eyes.
And there you have it - DOMO! 

O2. Neon Lines.
(The picture isn't exactly what this will turn out like - you have been warned, haha!)
You'll need
- Neon nailpolish (or any bright colours of your choice)
-Black nailpolish
Ok, first paint your nails any neon colour, It really doesn't need to be neon, but it stands out more and looks cooler if it is neon. You can do like the one in the picture - all different colours. Then, after it dries, get your toothpick and dip it into the black nailpolish. Start at the bottom right hand corner of your nail. Draw a line up to about the middle of your nail. Do a few more of those lines up to the the same place. Then start at the top left hand side about half way down and draw a line across up to the top right hand corner. 
This was real hard to explain!

Hope you liked it 
^^Frankie :]
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