For @lucidchocolate 's group Story Writers
June 10, 2012 
-Just like Alice, you're running around chasing a white bunny rabbit. Why? Is it taking you somewhere, or has your pet rabbit gotten loose again?


I remembered why I hated rabbits. Because nothing about them was cute and cuddly. They might have looked like that on the exterior, but rabbits most certainly weren't cute and cuddly. 

And they most certainly werent cute and cuddly when you were chasing them. It was quite amazing that somethign such short and stubby legs could run so fast. 

But there I was running across the twilight path chasing the god forsaken animal. The cool breeze was whipping through my dirty blonde hair as I chased after the surprising spritley animal. I was running at full pelt, and my eyes began to water as I the cool air got to me. 

I cursed loudly, and stopped suddenly to catch my breath. Putting my hands on my knees as I hunched over, breathing heavily. Damn that rabbit could run.
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