Noa Elliott Parker

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Name: Noa Elliott Parker
Age: 15
Grade: Freshmen
Hometown: Napa Valley, California
Short Bio: I grew up in Napa, making frequent visits with my Father to the city (San Francisco) to make drop offs. My sister and I lived a very privileged life, we had the homey country life most of the time. But twice a month we had a taste of the Cosmopolitan lifestyle of the wealthiest in San Francisco. I suppose you could say I have the best of both Worlds. Well, I /had/ the best of both Worlds. We had the happiest family in the World, I had the greatest life. Up until last year, when Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's been through Chemo, she's in remission now. We're waiting to see how things go. It's changed our whole dynamic so drastically. What a year and a half ago was a carefree, loving family has turned into a much darker place. There's always the loom over our shoulders that we will loose our Mom, our Father's business is still booming, in fact, he's expanding, it's amazing for him. But it's stressing him out, he thinks he's not home enough, to see Clarissa, the love of his life. He met her in High School, they both loved to ride horses, and just be outside. It was a match made in Heaven, that's why me and my sister Evelyn think that's he's been so submerged in his work. He can't bear the thought of loosing her. Anyways. That's what's been going on of recent. Besides that, I love to laugh and live. Those are probably my two favorite things.
Family: My sister Evelyn and I are best friends, she's got a fiancé whom I have yet to meet. She's so mysterious. She's also a fourth year undergrad student at UCSF. She wants to be a doctor.
My Father and My Mother are very dear to me. Especially my Father, I'm a Daddy's girl, through and through. We have a special bond, and Evelyn and my Mom have a special bond. I would obviously be crushed, devastated, inconsolable if my Mother did pass, However, if my Father passed, that's something I don't even want to think about. Anyways. My Mother graduated from the American Culinary Institute, before she was diagnosed she was an executive chef at, the Fleur De Lys in the city. One of the most renowned restaurants in one of the most renowned cities in the World.
My Father graduated from the University of Illinois, he double majored in Busniess and Botany. They met up and moved back to Napa together. Opened a winery and have been living the dream. Well. We all were.
Secret: Will fall in love with Evelyn's fiancé.
Appearance: Indiana Eisley
Personality: Bubbly, Positive, Happy (mostly), Quirky, Pleasant, Ambitious, Confident, Effervescent, Charismatic.
Hobbies: Horseback Riding, walking through the winery's grounds, eating grapes and writing. Listening to music, being with my two chocolate labs: Faye & Brock. I love them to death. I also have a cat, her name's Buttons. Shopping with Evelyn, our father's business is.. extremely profitable, and it's allowed Evelyn and I to pretty much do whatever we want. It's nice.
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