noble and most ancient

(combining two loves of mine: downton abbey and and harry p.)
The year is 1928, and the Pureblood world is thriving. Men come home in their smart robes from a long hard day of blackmailing the ministry with their money, and spend their free time muggle-hunting and drinking finest oak-matured mead; women sit around on velvet chaise-longues in beautifully-made clothing, and purchase new curios for their homes in town. Children grow up oblivious to the museums of dark magic in which they are raised by house elves and governesses, and to the existence of poorer people and of muggle-borns.
Muggles are still regarded with derision, as a different species, however the Wizarding community has adopted one quaint muggle invention: the gramophone.
And remember, while the Purebloods may be beautiful and glamorous, and while they may speak lovely words in honeyed tones, they are born to be cruel, and they are not afraid to be.

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