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Gamers and Anime Fans FTW!

Gamers and Anime Fans FTW!

This is a group for people who play video games and LOVE ANIME/MANGA! YES! Including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO): Legend of Zelda, Metroid, classic video games, Portal, Xenoblade, Harvest Moon, Sims, Team Fortress 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Lego anything, Halo, etc!
For Anime and manga, any are accepted! Some of my faves are Fruits Basket, Ouran, Clannad, Avatar, Korra, High School Debut (manga), Angel Beats! and so many more!
ALSO if you like doctor who, check out my group "Trust Me, I'm the Doctor!"


Hi There, this Group was created on February,11,2012. This was inspired by ANIME of course! Here are a few rules and things that will be happening in this group.
1-This group is for anime sets only.
2-I ask that you please don't post any nudity.
3-we will be having lots of contests in this group.
4-Feel free to message any of the moderators at anytime.
Group Founded By-Hollisterlove11 AKA PrincessLuka16
║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ Put this in your account
║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ if you love anime!

Art, Anime, and Books

Art, Anime, and Books

Art, Anime, and Books sets like Twilight, Harry Potter, Eragon, and any other good books like that are welcome. Just please keep it Art.

United We Stand

United We Stand

Ok this is a group that we have created for very close knit friends. People who seem to have roughly around the same friends as others. So mutual friends. Friends that tag others in a third persons set, or bring someone else into a conversation because you know they will add to the joy of it. (You can join by a group invitation only).
You can find here the story of the group:
There are different categories so you may find interest in this group! Specific categories are moderated by the specific people listed.
Moderators: @i-love-stan-the-man & @pinkstardust
FASHION (Focus on stylist/style/brand/trends)
Moderators: @hollisterlove11 & @bommie-says-saranghae (old account: @megan-urie-loves-brendon)
Moderators: @ink1212 & @lawliet-had-a-heart
Moderators: @robot-in-a-box & @pig-rabbit003
*Western Music (American and European singers/bands)
Moderators: @misaki32 & @xxshatteredmemory
Moderators: @of-bullets-and-miniskirts & @prestigiously-pink
About the contests:
Every 3 weeks, we'll change the category.
Contests' themes will follow this order:
anime&manga / fashion / music / video games.
Each contest will have various themes.
The winners will be chosen by -at least- 2 mods.


6th place in group contest: Who's Active? (Part III)

6th place in group contest: Who's Active? (Part III)

25 sets from 25 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Enter in ONE old/new anime set to show that you are still on polyvore. NO TEMPLATES! Any other kind of anime set is allowed; including dream cast sets. 12 winners, one set limit. Previous entrants from last contest do not have to enter UNLESS they want to, and ONLY they are excused, NO ONE ELSE!

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