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for polyvore academy. 
I take one last look in the mirror before leaving my dormitory. I examined the outfit I'd finally decided on, after countless changes of my mind. Adjusting my cream colored scarf, I walked out of my dorm and towards my first class. My hands were shaking with nerves. Entering a room full of girls I’d never seen before, I was terrified. They were all buzzing with excitement; everybody seemed to have found someone to talk to already. I tried not to look as nervous as I felt. Calmly, I walked to an empty desk and sat down. My first class was fashion design, a class I was super pumped about. The school I went to before didn’t have anything like this. The walls were covered in sketches varying in degrees of completion and photos of glamorous models. In the back of the room, there were mannequins lined up, ready to be dressed and bolts of fabric in any shade or pattern imaginable. A woman, who I assumed to be the teacher, entered the classroom and the girls became quiet instantly, all focus turning to her. 

“Welcome to your first day at the Polyvore Academy,” the woman began, “I’m your fashion design teacher. You can call me Ms. Sara. Today we’ll be learning the basics of fashion design...” 

The class ended much sooner than I would’ve liked. A feeling I’d never really had at schools past. I was filled with newfound hope for how the rest of the year would go. I knew I was going to love this place. 

mah mains. 
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