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Natalie Cole;

I walked into the lounge room in the late hours of the afternoon surprised to find only Danny and Sam present. Generally I was the last person home on thursday evenings.

“Where is everyone?” I asked, dropping down onto the sofa between them.

“Out,” Sam said, absentmindedly shuffling sideways to make more room for me though not even bothering to look up from her book.

“You could be more specific.” I sighed, shuffling around so that my head was planted in her lap and my feet were resting in Danny’s.

Sam just sighed and lifted her book higher to accommodate me though so she could still read it.

“Lucy has to cover a shift and Ella has a gig,” Danny finally answered my question which well was a surprise to know he’d been listening to me when the tele had been on.

“What about Owen?” I asked, wiggling my toes into his leg cheekily.

“I think he’s in his room actually,” Sam said consideringly. And she had apparently realised I wasn’t just going to let her read in quiet because she placed a bookmark in her book and dropped it none to gently on the table.

“Doesn’t he want to associate with us then,” I pouted up at her, “are we to cool for him.”

“Actually I think it’s because he’s been spending so much time with us,” Danny certainly sounded smug and gleeful about something, “He has some uni assignment due tomorrow that he’s barely started.”

“Oh our little baby is growing up,” I cooed as I sat up, feeling kind of restless. I hadn’t been to the studio for a couple of days and the energy was starting to build up.

“Starting to get the motherly urges are we dear?” Sam asked with a smile, “I’m sure there are heaps of guys that’d help you make one of your own. I mean I’m sure they wouldn’t help raise it but that’s what we’re for right?” She grinned at me. I was completely speechless, only able to blink.

“Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head.” Danny said, pretty much stealing the words out of my mouth, “I wonder how you function as a normal human being.”

“Don’t we all,” I nodded solemnly before basically throwing myself in Danny’s lap, “Danny I’m bored. What are we going to do?”

“We could go out?” Sam suggested hopefully.

“The only going out you ever do is clubbing.” Danny wrapped his arms around my waist firmly to stop be from squirming

“We wen’t clubbing a couple of days ago,” I pointed out really, really hoping she wasn’t set on the idea.

“Exactly!” She exclaimed clapping excitedly, “It wasn’t yesterday so there’s been enough time and everything.”

“I vote no.” I shook my head violently.

“I second that.” Danny added.

“I have an idea of what you could do,” At some point in the conversation Millie had snuck her way into the room because I hadn’t even noticed her until she spoke. And it surprised the shit out of me.

“Shopping spree?” Sam suggested hopefully, “You’re going to take us all out shopping?” Of course we all knew what Millie was going to suggest and it wasn’t nearly that fun.

“Hardly likely Sam,” Danny snorted totally unnecessary. We could dream though.

“Since you three are apparently so bored you can catch up on the housework you’ve been neglecting,” She said, hands on her hips.

“We’re not that bored?” Sam said sounding completely unsure. 

“Well you’re doing it anyway,” She said in the completely sassy way she had mastered, “You do the chores for your board and I’m this close from kicking you all out.”

“But Millliiiiiiie,” Sam whined, getting her puppy dog eyes ready, “Not everyone is here.”

“Well that’s not my problem,” I bet her kids were right scared of her. I was right scared of her, “Where do you think you’re going?” she asked Sam, who’d started to get up from the couch.

“To get Owen,” she said sounding completely confused. I was confused as well.

“Let the poor boy finish his assignment.”

“Millie this isn’t fair,”

“Do your chores now or pay me rent for this month, you’re choice.” Millie raised an eyebrow and yep she had well and truly won.

“Fine, fine.” Sam gave a long suffering sigh, like she’d been asked to do something truly terrible. She was a freaking teacher, wasn’t she meant to teach kids to be tidy. That was actually a scary thought.

“Thank you,” She smiled at as, ruffling Danny’s hair as she passed him to leave the room, “I’ll get the other to do it next time because god forbid none of you will do it until I have to remind you,” She started to mutter as she left the room. I’m actually not sure how much of that we were meant to hear.

The three of us looked at each other warily before crying in unison, “Bags not doing the washing.”

There actually wasn’t that much to do really since Millie had a cleaning service come round once a week still everyone hated doing the washing.

“I’ll do the garden and the kitchen,” Danny volunteered since the kitchen actually needed cleaned more than once a week.

“Sammy,” I turned my best puppy dog eyes, which paled in comparison to hers but always seemed to work, “If you do the washing I’ll take over your cooking duties for the rest of the month.” I offered. That’s how much I hated doing the washing, and really Sam was the slob anyway.

“I dunno,” She said, conflicted. She would cave though, Sam hated cooking more than anything. And everyone would thank me because she wasn’t great either.

“Come on Sam. You won’t have to cook for the rest of the month.” I said. A glance at Danny showed me he was smirking - clearly knowing as well as I did I was winning this round

“You only cook healthy stuff though.” She pouted. Which meant victory.

“I’ll make cupcakes.” I offered quickly, much to Danny’s delight.

“DEAL!” She practically screamed, “Though only for me and Danny?” She asked.

“Okay,” I laughed as she threw her arms around me, “This batch is only for you, Danny and Millie.”

“This is why you’re my favourite Nat.”


“ I swear to god Danny if you put your finger in there one more time you won’t have a finger,” I swatted his hand away from the bowl with the spatula.

“Aww, why are you being such a spoilsport Nat?” He teased me from him position perched on the counted next to all my baking supplies.

“Because there won’t be any mixture left to bake if you keep eating it,” I sent him my best intimidating glare. It wasn’t very intimidating I was sure, “Hey,” I swatted his hand away yet again, leaving a smear of batter on his hand, “Do it again and I’ll pour it down the sink.”

“Sam would kill you.” He smirked at my smugly.

“Then I’ll drop it on your head,” I said, my turn for a smug smile as his hand reflexively jumped to check his hair, “I’m sure Sam would understand if she got to see it.” 

“Fine, fine,” I’ll be good. He said hands forward in a gesture for surrender. I would make sure to keep watching him though.

“If you’re good maybe I’ll let you lick the bowl.” I smiled at him sweetly.

“Oh haha,” His expression was kind of a grimace which I’m sure was not what he was going for. What he was going for however I have no clue, “you know you’re freaking hilarious right?”

“I know.” I blew him a kiss with a wink for good measure, “What are you even doing?”

“Sitting here talking to a pretty girl.” He winked. I was so used to him I didn’t blush or even bat an eyelash like I might have done in the early days.

“What about your ‘chores’” I used air quotations and everything, “shouldn’t you be doing those?”

“Done the garden,” He shrugged carelessly, “Can’t clean the kitchen till you’re done, now can I babe?”

“Can’t you go bother someone else.” I sighed, pushing my fringe off my eyes and realising belatedly I probably now had uncocked cupcake on my forehead, “Like Owen maybe?”

“The kid’s studying.” He smirked at me, grabbing a tea towel and leaning forward to wipe the crap of my face. aww I’d trained him well, “I may tease him but I’m not mean enough to distract him.”

“But you’ll distract him,” I batted his hand away as he tried to wipe the mixture on my face.

“He’s studying, you’re baking.” He shot me a dry look, “which do you think is more important?”

“Fine, fine.” I sighed as I picked the wooden spoon back up, “Can’t you at least go bother Sam?”

“I’d rather bother you,” Danny grinned at me cheekily, “Besides, I’m sure Sam is fine.”

Apparently he spoke to so because the words had barely left his mouth before Sam was yelling from the direction of the laundry, “What the fuck is happening! Help!”

Me and Danny exchanged wry looks, “I think you should probably help her.”

“I suppose so,” He sighed, jumping down off the bench super gracefully. He was almost as sure on his feet as I was and he didn’t have all the training I did, no fun, “wish me luck saving the damsel in distress.”

“Good luck my prince.” I stood on tiptoes to plant a quick kiss on his cheek, “Come home to me.”

“Of course fair maiden.” He did some exaggerated bow before Sam screamed again, “I’m off to slay the dragon.” He winked at me before he was gone leaving my trying to lean against the counter and stay upright as hysterical giggles shook my frame.

That boy was constantly full of surprises.


Okay I have a question. Regarding Danny and Nat's relationship [and her relationship with everyone I suppose] do you want flashbacks to reveal it or would your rather it was revealed over the course of the story? Or as I reveal it in the story if there;s someone you want to know more about lt me know and I'll flashback? does anyone even read this? Does anyone care? Off to bed early because another exam tomorrow -.- wrote this instead of replying to messages. MY BAD SORRY GUYS xx
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