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  • Nordic Ware Grill n'Sear
    Nordic Ware Grill n'Sear
    Add authentic outdoor sizzle to oven-broiled foods with this efficient Nordic Ware pan. The secret to its impressive performance is a cast-aluminum grate that quickly achieves the high temperatures needed for a perfect sear. Great for everything from steaks, chops and chicken to seafood and fresh veggies, it sears foods beautifully, complete with attractive grill marks. Efficient pan is perfect for grilling foods in the oven-just preheat for three minutes under the broiler. The cast-aluminum grate heats quickly and evenly to ensure uniform cooking, searing foods with authentic grill marks. Slatted design allows excess fats to drain into the stainless-steel drip pan. Made in USA with imported components.
  • Nordic Ware Heat Diffuser
    Nordic Ware Heat Diffuser
    This heavyweight steel plate fits over a stovetop burner to create a flat cooking surface that distributes heat more evenly during cooking, eliminating scorching and hot spots. For use on electric or gas stovetops. Made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel that absorbs and diffuses heat for greater energy efficiency. Distributes heat evenly to prevent scorching, burning and hot spots. Nonstick coating for convenient cleanup. Wipes clean easily. 8" diam. size fits larger burners. Made in USA with imported components.
  • Nordicware Bacon Rack, None
    Nordicware Bacon Rack, None
    Find Cookware, Open Stock and Sets at! Perfect for cooking bacon, sausage and hot dogs in a smaller microwave. Color: None.
  • Nordic Ware Bee Cookie Stamps
    Nordic Ware Bee Cookie Stamps
    Create sweet, summery treats that are sure to delight with this set of three cookie stamps. Cast from solid aluminum with smooth wooden handles, they make it easy to stamp your favorite cookie dough recipe with fun designs.
  • Nordic Ware 4-Piece Mini Prep and Serve Bowl Kit
    Nordic Ware 4-Piece Mini Prep and Serve Bowl Kit
    Perfect for organizing ingredients while cooking and baking, these colorful, microwave-safe bowls are also great for serving small portions.
  • Nordic Ware Nonstick Oven Liner
    Nordic Ware Nonstick Oven Liner
    We love how Nordic Wares nonstick oven liner makes it easy to wipe up spills and prevent baked-on messes. Simply place on the wire oven rack, either at the bottom of oven or directly underneath baking dishes, to catch any drips. This handy liner can be trimmed to fit ovens of various sizes.
  • Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamps
    Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamps
    Add beautiful, complex patterns to your drop cookies with these heirloom-quality cast-aluminum stamps. Simply roll your cookie dough into balls, stamp with the design of your choice, and bake. Great for sugar, gingerbread, shortbread and peanut butter cookies. Stamps feature comfortable wooden handles for easy use.
  • Nordic Ware E-Z Deco Icing Pen
    Nordic Ware E-Z Deco Icing Pen
    Decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes is as easy as writing with this baker-friendly icing pen. Simply fill a bag with your favorite frosting, attach a coupler and decorating tip, insert the assembled bag into the pen and decorate. The ergonomic design ensures complete, precise control for clean starts and stops, and frosting flows smoothly with light fingertip pressureno need to squeeze.
  • Nordicware Bundt Cake Thermometer
    Nordicware Bundt Cake Thermometer
    Reusable cake thermometer takes the place of the traditional toothpick-testing method. Get an accurate reading of your cake?s temperature and ensure baking success. Hand wash. Made in USA. 8" length x 3" width x " height.
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