I usually raise an eyebrow when people romanticise history, but then I remember... fecking VIKINGS! Seriously guys, I am such a geek for ancient tribes and Vikings and Celts and Visigoths and Huns and all that. Vikings are bamf and yes, I do have a poetic outlook on them, but that's because they are as cool as... they’re just awesome, everything about them, their language, their culture, their mythology... I must admit, I have an insane love of modern Scandinavian languages/culture/places as well, which helps…
Then again, I love metal and have been on a Viking Metal binge, so that might be something to do with it...
So yeah, this is inspired by Vikings but 1018% historically inaccurate. Best viewed whilst listening to awesome, OTT Viking metal! Also could be a wardrobe for a fictional fantastical northern tribe of bamf clansmen...

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Great collection!


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