There was a plan from day one!! Probably before day 1 of my life!! And "they" walked out their plan for 23 years!! Everything that "they" did when I was small was to train and condition me for what they were taking me towards. The reason all this was done... someone somewhere was making some big dollars off of me for those 23 years!! I was prostituted from the age of 3! Sex trafficked internationally from the age of 5 (maybe younger). I was used in child porn from the age of 5. From the age of 21 to 23 I was used as a erotic dancer in strip clubs. 

I am angry for all that was done to me all those years!! So purposefully and intentionally!! So planned and organized!! I am angry for what "they" did to me!! And for what "they" turned me into or created! Angry for what was done to a baby, to a little girl, to a teen, to a young adult just so someone could make some money!! 

It was as if they took a beautiful innocent baby and threw her to the wolves (the pedophiles)!! It's all beyond comprehension!! how they can do what they did!! How they could carry it out for 23 years??
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