I hate my procrastination.

Haha! Anyways, sorry it's been so long that I've made a set! (Not like anyone really cares xD) I never found the time to due to homework and freaking procrastination.
Also, this is my second attempt at doing a sort of collage style sorta thing (The first one is still in the making and my new yet-to-be icon! I hope. xD) So sorry it sucks! >.<
ANd! 4 more followers until 200!! I wonder who the lucky four will be! ^^ I'll try to be more active depending on homework! Until then, goodbye!! x3

"Not all angels have wings. Not all heroes have capes." - I don't know whose quote this is, but if anyone knows, please tell me so I can properly credit them!
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Hi There, this Group was created on February,11,2012. This was inspired by ANIME of course! Here are a few rules and things that will be happening in this group.
1-This group is for anime sets only.
2-I ask that you please don't post any nudity.
3-we will be having lots of contests in this group.
4-Feel free to message any of the moderators at anytime.
Group Founded By-Hollisterlove11 AKA PrincessLuka16
║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ Put this in your account
║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ if you love anime!

Anime Spirit

Anime Spirit

an anime group for anyone who likes anime !
kpop and jpop sets are also welcome here !

Anime Academy

Anime Academy

Welcome to Anime Academy!
Edit: So this group was originally moderated by one of my favorite accounts on his site but sadly she is no longer active and her profile was deleted. In her memory i have appointed myself to be the new Headmaster and run this school in her honor and carry out her legacy.
Makes anime sets
Submits sets to contests often
You must only submit anime sets
(Your name will be added to the roster as you submit sets into contest. Failure to submit work will leave me no choice but to expel you)
@carebear-chan :26
@toby-senpai :15
@pandabear36 :21
@elisa-golden :10
@flaminghotblizzard :21
@celtymegami :23
@italia-kun :15
@xx-secret-xx :6
@a-whitty :5
@germany-the-great :6
@wynysc23 :9
@galexybun :2
@ikebukuro :2
@a-wayward-girl :1
@silentxangel :7
@celeste777 :7
@song-bird-luv :1
@misscry :2
@introvertatheart :2
@akihabara :13
@ninja-panda :8
@metrostation80's :1
How does the scoring work?
1st place contest winner: 13
2nd: 12
3rd: 11
4th: 10
5th: 9
6th: 8
7th: 7
8th: 6
9th: 5
10th: 4
11th: 3http://carebear-chan.polyvore.com/
12th: 2
The rest who joined the contest: 1

How does the report work?
At the end of the school term the student with the best report will get 20 set likes. The rest of the students gets the awards below:
Highest score ~A+ (20 set likes)
Score 50+ ~ A (10 set likes)
Score 40 - 50 ~ B+ (8 set likes)
Score 30 - 40 ~ B ( 5 set likes)
Score less than 30~ C (2 set likes)

If you wish to join the group then please fill out this enrollment form and PM me.
~Enrolment form for Anime Academy~
Headmaster: @bmorse133
How long have you been on Polyvore?
Do you make anime sets?
- Yes ( ) No ( )
Do enter sets in contests often?
- Yes ( ) No ( )
How often do you make sets?


4. Something magical and that touches your heart

4. Something magical and that touches your heart

105 sets from 12 members. Ended three years ago.
Ignore the example set. So, I'm thinking create an anime set that has a meaningful message that touches your heart, maybe that can be seen as magical, like love, etc. and that will touch others. Maybe sad. Two weeks, no limit.
Idea by: @linda90099

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