- Full Name: Tylar Morgana Finch.
- Age: 19.
- Face Claim: 
- Bio: Raised in a trailer park by two sad excuses for parents, Tylar and her younger sister ran away at young ages. They lived on the streets for a while, learning how to use their looks to con others out of what they had. They got a lot more successful at it as well. At the age of 17 and 15, Tylar and her sister were found by the heist society after accidentally stealing from them. They had the choice of either to join or to be turned in to the police. By where they are now, it's obvious as to what they chose.
- Personality: Tylar is a cunning girl. She's creative, quick minded, and she's got her wits about her. Keeping all of that in mind, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Knowing of the real world all to well has given her a bit of a dark view on the world. She can be bitter and stubborn, but does have a caring mentality to her about others due to basically raising her little sister on her own.
- Likes {5}
♦ Guns.
♦ Food. Especially breakfast.
♦ Alcohol.
♦ Scams/heists.
♦ Travelling.
- Dislikes {5}
♦ Drugs.
♦ Hospitals.
♦ Snitches.
♦ Lectures.
♦ Clingy people.
- Secrets: She's 
- Specialties {Climbing, forging, etc. -- Things that are useful when stealing} 
- How long have they been part of the Heist Society? 
- How long have you been roleplaying? 
- Tag three friends
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