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WGM 4:
Just sorry for the lame story. I must be sleeping and not writing stories xD

Dancing has always been the way I can release my stress, that morning I definitely needed it, the day before I got to see the first episode of WGM and I realized that unlike the rest of the girls my time on air was definitely shorter, my husband acted like a girl all the time and we looked so weird together that I was sure his fans would be bashing me at that moment.

As the chorus of the song I was dancing came and I followed the next steps of the choreography, the door of the practice room opened and a male peeked through it. 

“Oh! Min, I’m sorry I’m interrupting you, but you’re recording for WGM today” The show’s PD smiled at my face, surely I was looking totally terrified with the cameras in front of me filming my sweaty face, because he smiled and added “It’s ok, let’s record that again after you get changed.” I nodded clumsily and hurried upstairs to change my clothes.

Minutes later I was holding a pink letter envelope and faking a smile that no one that knew me would have considered as real.

“Your husband sent you this” PD-nim said and I hustled to open it and read it loudly.
“Min Young-ssi: I’m currently busy with schedules and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit you, so I wonder if you’d like to come and see my performance. The members can’t wait to see you and I’m also looking forward it. 
With love 
A smirk appeared on my lips and everybody took it as a sign of happiness, fortunately I managed to hold my laughter, otherwise I’d receive hateful comments from those crazy U-Kiss fans.

Min found a complete chaos when she went into U-Kiss waiting room, the first image she got to see was Kiseop playing around the small place with a scooter while Hoon was lying face down on the floor, and her husband, Dongho and Soohyun were sitting in front of a mirror applying make-up on their faces. AJ and Eli were the only ones who looked acceptably normal sitting on a sofa with their iPods. The leader of the group was the first in noticing the cameras and ran to Kevin’s wife greeting her with a polite bow.

“Sister in law!” Soohyun’s shout alerted the rest of the guys and Kiseop immediately stop playing and put a serious face. 

“Yah! Get up!” Eli had stood and was kicking Hoon with his foot when Kevin realized that Min was standing in the entrance and there were cameras all over the place.

“Min Young-ssi” He said when he saw her image reflected in the mirror.

“Min” AJ corrected, leaving his headphones aside and walking towards the girl to greet her

“I told you she prefers being called Min.” 

“Hyung, she told in the show she prefers being called Min” Dongho remembered rolling eyes.

“Can you please edit that out?” Hoon asked but the PD denied with the head.

“I’m sorry you had to see all of that Min-ssi.” Eli apologized and Min looked up to him for the first time and noticed that he had a really good body and a friendly smile that attracted her attention.

“I’m gonna sing a song for our sister in law” Soohyun stepped to the front and sang two lines of the famous Shabang shabang, the rest of U-Kiss clapped excitedly and Kiseop started to make a strange dance that Min found not only terrible but also few entertaining.

“Yah! Yah! Shut up and act normally, you’re not funny at all, your behavior is childish and you’re bothering her” Eli grimaced and then made a slight bow “I’m sorry with you Min-ssi. You’re not supposed to see this.” Min smiled for the first time since she started to record the show and her eyes diverted to Eli’s muscular arms.

“Wah, Kevin is really lucky, you’re really pretty.” Soohyun kept trying to be noticed.

“Yeah, I am” Kevin said proudly and stood next to his wife smiling like a kid who just received a gift.
All the members clapped and whistled joyfully to the couple. A hint of a smile appeared on Min’s face, but it was as fake as the Vuitton bag she was wearing until her eyes met Eli’s eyes and her cheeks suddenly redden. 

A couple of minutes later the group was called to the stage but Eli remained still while the rest of the guys left the dressing room, one by one. Min who was sitting comfortably in one of the chairs frowned.

“Aren’t you going to perform?” she asked him, the cameras were off and the crowd who followed her had gone to film her husband’s rehearsal.

“No, since it’s just a practice I’m staying here, my leg isn’t recovered yet, so I’m just going to perform when it comes its time.” Min nodded and found her lack of words ridiculous, why was she acting so shy in front of Eli? “Actually I don’t think anyone else had noticed it, but I couldn’t ignore your expression during your first meeting with Kevin, you seemed really annoyed with him, he’s a good boy, you two just need to know each other a little bit more.” Again, Min merely nodded her head and looked away, her lost of words was really pathetic.

“It’s not so, somehow I just can’t get well along with people easily. My teammates are a great exception, but I’m not usually friendly.

“But you’re being friendly with me now.” I heard Eli hyung saying to Min. She let out a laugh. For a moment I though about irrupting in the dressing room but a strange force moved me to stay where I was, hiding like a thief and overhearing what they were saying. 

“Maybe you’re an exception too” My wife told and for the first time since I met her I heard a happy voice coming from her mouth, I just realized that she had never talked to me like that.

“Then Kevin is part of the other group?” Eli asked not innocently.

“I don’t know” Min meditated “I guess he’s not someone with whom I’d be friends if it’d depend of me, he’s not the kind of person I like, but…”

“Let’s just talk about something else, it’s our first meeting, how old are you?” I couldn’t stay there anymore, I just felt a thrill of something that I couldn’t explain. 

After U-Kiss performance Kevin held Min’s hand quite toughly and dragged her away before could say a word. She looked at the cameras confused and tried to ask someone where were they going, but Kevin just pulled her into a van and sat quietly next to her.

“What was that, were are you going now?” Min was demanding an explanation but her husband said nothing. 

When finally both of them arrived to their destination, Kevin left the car first and Min, encouraged by the members of the crew followed him sheepishly. 

“Kevin-ssi…” the male turned his head and coldly asked.


“What is this place?”

“It was supposed to be a nice and friendly space for us, but now I’m not too sure about that”

Min was puzzled by his reply, but she decided to ignore that and just continue her way. 

“Min Young, this is your new house, just try to be surprised when you get in” PD said and Min didn’t have to act because she was indeed surprised, she never expected that. 

“So this is our new house!” Kevin said to the camera smiling widely and showing the entrance with his hand, his change was so obvious that for a second, Min thought that his previous attitude towards her was part of a plan, but she probed she was wrong when Kevin glared at her, mad by her lack of response.

“PD-nim, let’s record that again please.” The alluded nodded and before the cameras started to film again Kevin shook his head “Min Young-ssi, if you don’t feel comfortable around me, just try to pretend at least, it doesn’t matter that I’m not the kind of person you like” after saying that Kevin went into the apartment again, repeating the same words he had already said before and showing the same big smile. Min just stood outside totally bewildered.

“Wow, you look genuinely surprised and touched, did you liked that place that much?” Eun Ju said to Min when the girls gathered around the TV to see the new episode of WGM.

“More than you think unnie, more than that” Min said mysteriously. “After all, not everyday you found attractive someone that treats you bad” she mumbled.

“What did you say? Kahi inquired.

“Nothing unnie” The manager scowled, but stop worrying at once. She knew that she shouldn’t distrust Min, she was the most disciplined girl she had ever met, she’d never create a scandal or fall in love with her partner; there was nothing to worry about, or at least that was she wrongly thought.
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