21. New Scotland Yard
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@nathaly-14 Thanks so much :D

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WOW so perfect :D

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@mars Thank you :D

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Love this outfit!!



We fall in love with fictional characters.||

We fall in love with fictional characters.||

This is a group for all you girlies out there that find themselves in love with a fictional character or celebrity. Whether you're into mainstream culture or something a little different, this is the group for you. There is always a unique contest, judged fairly by me, meaning that no matter when the sets are submitted, I will view every single one before making a decision. I always work very hard to make original contests, and I think that they are a very important part of this group, plus there's prizes for the winners!
Submit any sets that feature a fictional character or a celebrity - and yes, that means fanfictions and Role-Plays too! So look around, have fun, and please participate :D



Fans of BBC's fantastic new Sherlock series unite! Any sets about Sherlock Holmes in general or about the BBC series are more than welcome!
The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!

The House of Geeks and Nerds

The House of Geeks and Nerds

This group was made for the purpose of allowing us all to scream about the awesomeness of our favorite TV shows, books, movies, comic books, and video games. Basically, if it's geeky, share it! Everyone is welcome to join in on the nerdy fun!

BBC Sherlock challenge

BBC Sherlock challenge

Because some of you were suggesting to make my Sherlock collection a challenge.
So, here it is! Enjoy and take your time.
My collection as an example: http://www.polyvore.com/bbc_sherlock/collection?id=1293144
Sherlock Holmes
Dr. John Watson
Mycroft Holmes
Jim Moriarty
DI Lestrade
Molly Hooper
Irene Adler
Skull [Sherlock's friend :)]
Mary Morstan
Sherlock & John
Sherlock & Mycroft
Sherlock & Moriarty
Sherlock & Irene
John & Mary
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Benedict Cumberbatch
Martin Freeman
221 B Baker Street
New Scotland Yard
Science of deduction [Sherlock at work]
General Practitioner [Watson at work]
A study in pink
The blind banker
The great game
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Hounds of Baskerville
The Reichenbach Fall
The Empty Hearse
The Sign Of Three
His Last Wov
Favourite protagonist [aka "Sherlock or John?" Hard question...]
Favourite supporting character
Favourite villain
Favourite case
Favourite scene
Favourite quote
Your "first meet" with Sherlock Holmes [You red the books first? Or watch a series? My first was the series with Jeremy Brett. :)]
Your all time favorite case [Mine is Silver Blaze]
Your favorite actors who played the role [My favorite Holmes is Benedict Cumberbatch, but my favorite Watson is Jude Law]
Your own Sherlock Holmes [If you have the chance to cast Sherlock series/film, who would you choose to play the roles and why?]
You are in the stories/ your OC [If you have a role in the story, who would you be? Helper of Sherlock? An enemy? A client? Or... do you have a Sherlock OC? Share with us.]

If you are ready, put your sets into a collection and pm me. I will add your name to the hall of fames.
~ Finished challenges ~
1. @sophie-eloise
2. @marthamaxwell
4. @foxboro
5. @alljuststoriesintheend
6. @hannah-grace
7. @vanessamalfoy
8. @little-miki
9. @laughtersassassin
10. @crazement
11. @thewardenismyhomeboy
12. @klainewouldntletthishappen

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