An art collage from April 2013


Wrote one year ago
So beautiful<333

Wrote one year ago
sweet. love that you choose those 2 pictures! <3

Wrote one year ago
Great edit!

Wrote one year ago
wowwww <33 this is gorgeous honey :))

Wrote one year ago
@mars ;) goooosh dear you are so amazing <3 thanks so much ;) of course i hope i will have more time to be online here <3 ....yes i watch season 4 now ;) only 4 episodes ;) but its great ...i dont like elena now she is so crazy i think i will send you a message and tell you more about that ;) hahah then we could talk much more there <3 what do you think ;)

Wrote one year ago
Wow, my dear claire-alyssa, thank you very much for this amazing gift and birthday wishes!!!! :) I really appreciate your kind words, and your support means a lot to me!! You're so sweet, and I miss you too, hope you'll find more time for Polyvore and creating sets, I love your edits and work!! This set is so special, love how you edited and how it's about Elena's big change.
I see you're now watching first episodes of season 4, what do you think about it? I don't want to spoil anything to you, but just need to tell you that I don't ship Delena anymore, I guess I want Stelena to be the endgame, and I have a new ship too. :))
Thank you again for thinking of me dear friend!! Hugs & Kisses!! ♥

Wrote one year ago
Gorgeous set! <3 always sweetie!!!