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I was walking to my locker, same as everyday. Even though I was a senior, it was my first year at this school (and my last). I was all alone though. I didn't have any friends because people thought I was weird, so I usually just sit alone and read or draw or something like that. Lost in thought, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and when I opened my locker, everything came out- books, paper, pencils, everything. All of a sudden, I was the center of attention. Everyone who was in the hall stopped to stare, laughing and snickering and pointing. I bent down, quickly trying to scoop everything up all at once. I heard comments, some people calling me thins such as "clutz" and "loser" and "idiot." Words that don't hurt, but if you were in my shoes, during this time, and in these circumstances, it would hurt- badly. I pinched my face together, trying hard not to let the brimming tears fall. "Oh my gosh guys, can you give the girl some space!?" a boy shouted, pushing through the crowd of people surrounding me. I noticed the faces, these were the people who would call me names during class. The voice that had called out came closer, and hands reached out to help me. I looked up, and saw the hands were attached to a young, sweet looking boy. He shooed everybody away, then helped me finish picking up my stuff. Standing up, he handed me my books, and I stuffed them into my locker. "Uh, thanks," I said, not sure what to do. "Oh, don't worry about those suckers," he said smiling. "I'm Louis by the way." "I'm Madison," I blushed. "How is your time here? I noticed you moved here awhile ago. Everything okay?" He asked, clearly interested. I started telling him everything, actually feeling assured, feeling like I had a friend. We got into deep conversations, building a friendship.

A couple months later, it was graduation day. Louis and I stood next to each other, feeling on top of the world. Our teacher called out my name, and Louis stood there with a big goofy grin. I did he same when he got called. Later that day, after graduation, we went out to lunch.... Just kidding, we went out on a date. I realized that one friendly face could change my life.
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