Name: Bianca Evangelous 
Age: 22
Original Faction: Abegnation
Current Faction: Candor
Likes: Metal jewelry, headwraps, fur, transparency, political history, fast black cars, efficiency, sociology, calling people out on their bs in a curt manner, criminal justice, scars, cigarette holders, 
Dislikes: smiling, polite small talk and forced pleasantries, dating and long-term relationships, Amity, cooking, ice cream, her nicotine addiction.
Personality: Opinionated, charismatic, matter-of-fact and no-nonsense, withdrawn, solitary, fashionable, and definitely a bit of a snob, but judicial, inquisitive, and loyal.
Bio: Miss Bianca always spoke her mind too often. At the dinner table, for instance, she would constantly remind her mother that her meatloaf was terrible without seasoning. She would ask her father why they kept giving to the poor when they themselves didn’t have much of anything. And on Sundays, she would wonder out loud, how can there be a god if no one has ever seen him? This got child Bianca into heaps of trouble, and this was before she turned 13. The countless lines of scripture she’d have to copy, the many nights without food she endured, all this was to prevent her from growing up be so self interested, and so, well, blunt; but BIanca never understood why she was being punished in the first place, and since they never really explained it to her, not in any satisfactory way, Bianca continued to rebel, and at 16, made her greatest act of rebellion by switching to Candor. The truth serum didn’t even make her flinch--in truth, Bianca got a thrill from speaking her mind, from revealing her innermost desire, fear, and guilt. It was better than confessional. The muddled grey of her childhood was now clear in black and white, and one would never guess that she had come from anywhere else but Candor. Now days, since she was ranked so highly in her initiation, Bianca helps the new initiatives in between working closely with the faction leaders and studying up on classic Law. She has reason to believe though that lately in the transparent faction, not all is honesty, that truth are being kept, without telling any lies, and in Bia’s never ending crusade against lies and fiction, she’s willing to not-tell her own truth if it means uncovering a bigger one.
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak
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