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Your body is good enough to deserve care, right now, as it is. You don’t need to reach a weight goal, or have smooth skin, or gain a certain amount of muscle before you’re “allowed” to be kind to yourself. Your fuzzy, chubby legs are beautiful, and deserve nice-smelling scrubs and soaps; your soft belly is wonderful, and using a soft bath scrunchie feels really nice. Use your towels gently; don’t rub them abrasively on your skin. 

Your muscles still love to stretch even if they’re not toned. You can still let the sun touch your arms if they’re chubby. You are still allowed to run, or climb, or play, even if your body jiggles and you aren’t graceful.

Your body is good enough to deserve love.

Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

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false eyelash clip: http://www.shein.com/False-Eyelash-Stainless-Auxiliary-Clip-Tweezers-Nipper-Beauty-Tool-p-262895-cat-1911.html?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=set&url_from=alienbabs.

necklace: http://us.shein.com/Silver-Hole-In-One-Necklace-p-210710-cat-1755.html?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=set&url_from=alienbabs.

ear pins: http://www.shein.com/Silver-Carved-Leaf-Ear-Pins-p-266519-cat-1757.html?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=set&url_from=alienbabs.

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