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Not Your Average Group

Companies: If you would like to sponsor a contest feel free to send me a message! Thank you! I know what you're probably thinking...another group!? (and if you are, i don't blame you) However, like our title says, this is a unique group that you won't regret joining. Why you may ask? Because: --you can submit any type of set, whether it's fashion,art, or complete random-ness, we don't care! -- we have contests daily *including SPONSORED contests where u have the chance to win real prizes! ( and not once every couple of months when we finally remember that we moderate a group,*coughs in direction of groups that fit this descripton) --you can contact us at any time about anything group related: whether to ask a question, recommend a contest, or just say hi :) If these aren't good enough reasons 2 join, than i dont know what is. So click the "Join to Submit a set," button.You won't regret it. Have fun. ♫ - Rachel-is-epic♥ --------------------------------------------- goal for November 1300 members! let's keep on growing!
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