Inspired by Big Bang-Loser(MV)

Still in the mood of Big Bang comeback.
my favorite song is "loser"
i was expected much to "bae bae" becoz of the word itself.
as a song loser is fine typically new era of YG music.
for overall i rated it 8/10 

however,i really dislike Taeyang's style
those piercings on his lip seriously, so many place why lip?
i'm not a fan of piercing (i mean on lip,nose somewhere look painful),distracted me when i saw him singing..seemed like hard to speak it properly.

tbt,i still prefer Big Bang precious era such as their first album vol.1,remeber,number1,
to me "loser" is my least fave.
the "fantastic baby" is like big success and stuck in my head so now i trying to enjoy tracks beside loser.

p.s i just found myself enjoy JinuSean comeback.
i can feel to the YG old style (i'm old YG style tho)

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