Thank you so much @polyvore!!! 

Nothing lasts forever but I wish that my holidays did and nutella hot cross buns!

I was tagged by @newyorkismysoul in her beautiful set
- Write 25 facts about yourself, you can really write whatever you want!
-Have fun!

1. I am 175cm, I have dark brown hair and green eyes
2. I hate exercise and never do it but I don't gain a lot of weight
3. My model crush right now is Alexa Chung and Amelia Zadro
4. I wish I lived in the world of Gossip Girl
5. My favourite colours are pink, white and mint green
6. I have done a modelling course before
7. I am obsessed with video games especially Sims
8. I find it hard to trust people after my bestfriend stabbed me in the back
9. I go on Facebook and Instagram everyday but never post anything
10. I get stressed when I change my profile picture on facebook
11. I am currently moving house
12. I have naturally curly hair
13. I am extremely organised and always write lists
14. I always sleep in Peter Alexander pjs
15. When I walk through a shop I love to feel all the different fabrics and textures
16. I sleep with 3 teddy bears even though I'm probably too old
17. I love Merlin and Doctor Who
18. I had 3 hot cross buns today
19. My favourite subject is modern history
20. I always buy clothes and then get sick of them really quickly and it always feels like I don't have any clothes in my wardrobe
21. I get jealous easily
22. I love looking at people's eyebrows
23. I love to read
24. I wish I was more photogenic
25. I really really want a bunny rabbit

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