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And here are 10 facts about me:

1- I traded my home for a smaller version of the Brady Bunch. (long story)
2- I love my best friend, she is also here on Polyvore.
3- I love metal and classical music, and even a mixture of both, thank you Opeth. : )
4- My favorite food, up to 6 months ago, was goulosh or spaghetti, then I discovered that tomatoes were the cause of the canker sores I had been getting. I now love tacos. Very much.
5- I am 5 foot 2 and 3/4. and I cherish that 3/4 of an inch. I haven't grown since the 6th grade... sigh... I am now 26.
6- I am in love with the Harry Potter series. I am sad the movies are coming to an end, but to me the story has been over for years. Since I finished reading, because books are a million times better than movies any day of the week.
7- I love my two boys, Micheal and DaySun, they are absolutely my world and the reason I breathe.
8- I love my fiancée, Chris and his two girls, Emily and Isabelle We're getting married this year! 9/10/11. : )
9- I was raised by my grandparents with my brother, and he is the best brother that I could ever ask for. He understands me, and I he.
10. I have a big fluffy unkus kitty named Adrian, and a miniature pincher named Hannah Banana from Montana... nicknamed just Hannah. 

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