Name: Sylvanne Schouler
Age: 24

Likes: chanel, white roses, big hotels, jewelry, cities, art, parties, champagne, math

Dislikes: uncoordinated outfits, missing planes, frizzy hair, bad music, bad food, tacky people
Occupation: jewelry designer, former CFO of her father's company

Place of stay: Paris

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Bio: Sylvanne is just what every girl wishes when they are younger, beautiful, succesfull and in love. Or that is the image she portraits to the world, many things have been easy in her life, she has unlimited bank accounts, thanks to her father's steel company and her mother's old monarchy money, she is almost a modern world princess. Sana and Sonnya are her life, and she loves her sisters so much, she would do anything for them, sometimes her engagement seems more like a dutie than a choice, but she was taught that sometimes sacrifices were to be made, and she embraced that motto as her own, she loves Charles, but not as she knows she should. Sylvanne is reserved, and calculating, but she likes to let her hair down sometimes also.

Relationship status: engaged


Taken by: priscilla
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