[right im crying already] 
its so fucking sad 

Set in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, the film centers on experienced guide, Gerry Shepherd (Paul Walker), and his team of eight sled dogs who seem to share an almost brotherly bond. Gerry's latest assignment is to guide a geologist named Dr. McLaren (Bruce Greenwood) to a site where a piece of a rare meteor is supposed to be located. The journey quickly becomes treacherous when the doctor is injured during the journey back to camp, and one of the fiercest snowstorms in Antarctica's recorded history is starting to hit. The team makes it back in time, but both the doctor and Gerry (who is suffering from severe frostbite) need to be transported to a hospital immediately. The helicopter is not big enough to carry all of them and the dogs as well, so the animals must be left behind with the promise that a rescue team will come for them shortly thereafter. The storm quickly intensifies, however, and it becomes impossible for any team to make it to the region until the summer. With his hope for the dogs' survival decreasing each day, Gerry becomes determined to find a way to make it back to the camp and bring the animals home, while the dogs themselves find that they must brave the elements and dangerous animals of nature if they want to survive the long winter season on their own.


Whilst watching the northern lights , Dewey gets over excited and jumps around, dislodging the peice of ice he was standing on, he lays dieing at the bottom of the steep cliff face, the other dogs run down to him and his twin brother trueman cuddles up to him. Eventually all the other dogs think its best to go but Max stays too long and gets separated from the others.

Old Jack, a ten year old huskey is too weak to break off the chain, all the other dogs try to get him free but they cant, so they all stay with him whilst he dies peacefully. 

The end scene really makes me cry, When gerry comes back to the antartic base and pulls up the chain, he feels something at Jacks chains and digs up some snow, uncovering jacks ear, ''i came all this way and he didnt even make it off the chain'' he sobs.

Max and the other dogs [including an injured maya who was bitten by a leopard seal when max tryed to get them something to eat, who is almost unconcious in the snow] have camped out near base, max and the other dogs run to Gerry, Cooper and Katie , whilst the other dgos jump into the transport, max runs off leading gerry to an injured maya, gerry picks her up and they all get on back, 
the last shot is of a grave made from two peices of wood and some rocks with jack and deweys collars hung on.

rip jack & dewey
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