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SORRY I totally abandoned everything, especially SMIB, @fleetingfanfan! I would love to take it back up once the semester is over. 

Everything is so crazy for me right now, and I sort of wish I could just check out for a while. My senior show opens on Friday, which is a big deal! I'm trying to sell my work for real artist's prices. Trying to sell that tall, creepy doll of mine for 700 dollars, at my professor's recommendation. I doubt any of them will go. 

PLENTY of other things are going wrong in the strange and terrible life of Katie, but I'm maybe just saying that because today was terrible and I'm in an extra bad mood. (Sorry for whining. Polyvore is my last bastion of anonymity! Facebook and tumblr are full of my real-life friends that I always put on a happy face for.)

IF you watch Game of Thrones and don't follow Game of Thrones Transcribed ( you are seriously missing out.
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