Westchester Mall
MAC Counter inside NORDSTROM
7:38 A.M

"I don't think this is such a good idea" were the first words that came out of Claire's mouth as Massie hoped over the counter to get to the other side.
"Relax, Kuh-laire, I do this awl the time. They don't care, buh-lieve me.Besides, there's never anyone here to help me." Massie said, looking around for a key. 
"Ah-ha! Here it is!" Massie cheered and unlocked all the cabinets. She walked around taking out eye, face, and lip makeup. She walked back over to Claire and put everything on the counter.
"Sit."Massie ordered, and Claire sat down on the makeup chair.
"First I'm going to put on the Studio Stick concealer, around your trouble spots, then apply Studio Finish concealer."Massie said.
"Does any of this stuff have SPF in it?" Claire whined.
Massie held up the bottle and pointed to the SPF 35 sign. Claire nodded and Massie continued to apply makeup.
"Now the Pressed Powder and blush to finish off your face. Now for the eyes!" Massie said grabbing and applying the Brow Finisher, and Dazzle Lash mascara.
"Now use brown eyeliner and eyeshadow to really bring out your eyes." Massie finished.
"Now all you need is the clear lipglass, because your lips already have a good color to them." Massie grabbed all the stuff and brought it to the cash register.
"What are you doing?!"Claire yelled.
"Buying everything. Now you're going to do everything in the same way, exact way, everyday, until winter ends, gawt it?" Massie said sternly. Claire nodded.
"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU GIRLS DOING HERE?"a loud booming voice called out.
Massie continued to put her money into the register, and bag up the products calmly.
As the man got closer Claire started to grab her bags.
"Whatever you do Claire please do not.."Massie turned to look at Claire, who had already sprinted away to safety, "run.UGH! Now I have to go get her!" Massie whined.
The man finally got to the counter, and slowed down when he saw Massie.
"Oh, it's just you Massie." the man sighed.
"Just Massie? Come awn Bertie! I thought I deserved more than a 'Just Massie'" Massie laughed. 
"Where'd the little blonde girl go?"Bertie asked, leaning on the counter.
"She should be coming back soon!" Massie yelled as she walked around, locking up. 
Massie and Bertie we're chatting and laughing when Claire returned. 
"Fine-uh-lee!" Massie moaned. "Told you it was fine. I know the right people Kuh-laire!" Massie said, motioning to Bertie.
"Oh."Claire mumbled.
Massie hopped back over the counter and reached for her bags. "We have to book it if we want to finish shopping and meet up with the girls at Jason's for lunch in three hours" Massie stated.
"Three hours? Man!" Claire whined.
Massie rolled her eyes and turned to Bertie.
"Well it was nice seeing you again Bertie!"
"You too, Miss Block." replied the chubby man.
The girls turned to walk away and they headed towards Juicy Couture.
"How do you know all these people?" Claire asked, confused.
"I just do." Massie said mysterious and kept walking. Claire just stopped and tried to process all the information.
"Come awn loser, we've got shopping to do!" Massie called from ten feet away, and Claire ran to catch up.


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