November 21st: Head over to Addisons’ parents place on the beach for a party to kick off the school year. If we know Addy, we know that tonight will be a night you don’t want to miss. Bring the booze and the music because we’ll be playing your favs all throughout the night. And don’t worry about getting in trouble with the ‘rents, they’re off in Miami, on an extended summer break. 
November 22nd: As silly as it sounds, we’re going candle pin bowling tonight. The local bowling alley is having a discount for the college kids here and so we’re taking the opportunity! It’s guys against the girls, loser buys the winning team dinner and drinks to follow.
November 23rd: We’re opening up the whole floor of dorms tonight for a huge party. Each room will have a certain theme (i.e. Hawaiian, sports-related, pajamas, celebrity, ect). Get dressed and bring the alcohol because we only have a limited amount of time to party away. The dorm advisors are incredibly strict and we don’t want to get expelled, do we?
November 24th: Happy Thanksgiving! If you aren't planning on going home to mommy and daddy dearest, then you're welcome to the Thanksgiving dinner the college is offering. But if turkey dinners aren't your thing (or if you're looking for a good time later), the on campus apartments are throwing a party that you'll be thankful for. ;) 
November 25th: Head over to the famous Beverly Hills Hotel for Evelyn's and Noah's engagement party! Their theme is "Tale As Old As Time" (Disney themed). Come dressed to impress for their engagement dinner. Spend the evening with Evelyn, Noah, and all of their family and friends from Greystone.
November 26th: Today we will be participating in a little fashion show hosted by the one and only, Sierra. The amazing outfits that we'll all be modeling will be made by the wonderful Addison, so come on down to strut your stuff and support our fashionistas.
November 27th: Meet up at Pinkberry for some fro-yo before classes and to catch up with friends. It's still only the first week into classes, so it's not time to buckle down /just/ yet.
November 28th: We're taking a trip up to San Fransisco today, just for the day. We will shop until we drop (but we're already used to that, aren't we?) and party like it's nobody's prblem. But as soon as midnight hits, it's on the road back to home sweet home, Bev Hills. 
November 29th: Thought you could escape your parents? Well, think again. Surprise! It's family visiting day! While some of us might actually be happy to see the parental units, most of us will be groaning as we give yet another campus tour. Be prepared to smile, smile, smile but head over to the frat house later on for a party to help you cope with the nightmare otherwise known as visiting day. 
November 30th: Tonight the Film Studies majors are throwing a film festival to showcase their summer assignment. Show up at any of the lecture halls where a different movie will be screened and grab your bag of popcorn.
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