NOVICA Original Cubist Painting from India Signed by Artist
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  • NOVICA Original Ganesha Painting Signed by Artist from India
    With deep orange red and brown hues the majestic beauty of Lord Ganesha is addressed in Priti Parikh's acrylic on canvas painting from India. Lord Ganesha is the Hindu God of Knowledge and the Remover of Obstacles. He is featured in this painting with the auspicious round red Tilaka on his forehead -- a color and motif combination that exudes peace and good fortune.
  • NOVICA Signed Portrait Painting of Indian Woman Dreaming of Love
    Sonu Chopra explores universal emotions through her Enchanted series depicting women dreaming longing for their lovers. The Indian artist paints with oils creating a composition of feminine beauty accentuated by the uniqueness of peacock feathers softly tickling her face. Chopra's intense palette of colors includes yellow orange green and brown hues.
  • NOVICA Original Acrylic Spiritual Painting from India
    A human face appears in profile superimposed on Ganesha with his elephantine head and man's body. The beloved Hindu deity holds a jar of holy water while lifting a hand in blessing. On his palm the Om symbol of Lord Shiva flourishes like ancient calligraphy. This mantra is used in mystical contemplation of ultimate reality and is considered the resonant body of the absolute. By Sunil Jaiswal this beautiful painting celebrates the auspicious lord's connection with people.
  • NOVICA Peacock at Sunset Signed Art Painting from India
    Perched on the branches of a leafy tree a peacock bids goodbye to the day gone by. With a body the color of sapphires and tail the color of emeralds the peacock is surrounded by the golden orange skies of the setting sun. Painting with acrylics Prakash from Artisans of Kerala replicates the legendary mural art of Kerala.
  • NOVICA Ramayana Theme Thai Signed Pop Art Painting of Hanuman
    Working in acrylics Noppadon Kamkong takes his inspiration from the Hindu epic Ramayana. He depicts Hanuman the white monkey god and symbol of perfect devotion. His story comes from the Sanskrit Ramayana or Romance of Rama the shorter of India's two great epic poems. Hanuman bravely encounters a myriad of dangers as he helps Prince Rama to rescue Princess Sita from Ogre King Rawana. Ultimately Hanuman's goodness prevails over the forces of evil.
  • NOVICA Indian Woman's Portrait in Signed Acrylic on Canvas
    Carrying a sheaf of wheat a young woman gazes at the future with steadfastness and purpose. Behind her roiling clouds are bathed in sunset's glow. Life is an eternal struggle between the haves and the have-nots artist Jay Karun muses. This painting represents a Keralite peasant woman in the times of the revolution. The sickle around the neck represents a dual symbolism - the struggle of the proletariat to earn their bread by the sweat of their brows and the fact that this selfsame symbol of their sustenance acts as a double edged sword becoming a weapon of oppression and misery plunging them into the depths of despair.
  • ViSSEVASSE - The Lantern Print
    Long ago, floating lanterns were used to send signals across long distances. Today, some believe that that they bring good luck and send up a lantern with the hope of seeing their dreams come true. With the starry sky and the calm lake surface, the silence is almost audible... And you feel like sending a thought to someone you love. The posters are printed in Denmark on Swedish eco-friendly paper 170gr. MultiArt Matt. The A5 card is 350 gr. Silkmat. The price is without frame.
  • NOVICA Colorful Expressionist Painting of a West African Woman
    A woman with long eyelashes speaks with frown and a sideways glance of disdain. Isshaq Ismail depicts voluptuous red lips and dark eyes in this expressionistic portrait. Perhaps it is misleading. People shouldn't be judged by their looks the Ghanaian artist says.
  • NOVICA Hindu Deity Signed Madhubani Painting from India
    Happy Ganesha makes a charming appearance in this Madhubani painting by Devender Kumar Jha and Family. Bright colors of red orange green yellow and black natural dyes and acrylics are used to create this painting on handmade paper.
    • NOVICA Original India Signed Painting of Buddha
    • NOVICA Original Cubist Painting from India Signed by Artist
    • Hatcher & Ethan 'Party Vintage' Framed Print
    • NOVICA Purple and Orange Tulips Signed Flower Painting from Brazil
  • Icanvas 'Evening In Paris - Eiffel Tower' Giclee Print Canvas Art
    Add a brilliant pop of color and exceptional detail to your living space with giclee canvas artwork that offers the texture, look and feel of fine-art paintings. This sophisticated Parisian scene is hand stretched and stapled over pinewood bars, while fade-resistant archival ink guarantees perfect color reproduction, so your art will remain vibrant for decades, even when exposed to strong light. Brand: iCanvas. Style Name:Icanvas 'Evening In Paris - Eiffel Tower' Giclee Print Canvas Art. Style Number: 5171205. Available in stores.
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  • NOVICA Hand Made White Whimsical Beach Sign from Indonesia
    With a white distressed finish this nautical-themed sign reads Keep calm and pretend you're at the beach. The sign is handcrafted from Indonesian albesia wood designed by Ketut Karsini as a wonderful addition to any beach house or home.
  • NOVICA Surreal Indian Signed Fine Art Painting
    Seen in profile to the right two people come to experience the same range of emotions in this acrylic on canvas by Sunil Jaiswal. I tried to capture a variety of moods with different colors confides the Indian artist.
  • Natural Life 'Love You To The Moon' Wood Wall Art
    A heartfelt quote and faded floral border make this wooden wall art a rustic addition to your home decor. Brand: NATURAL LIFE. Style Name:Natural Life 'Love You To The Moon' Wood Wall Art. Style Number: 5224135. Available in stores.
  • NOVICA Hand Made Cotton Batik Wall Hanging People from Ghana
    Ghanaian artisan Oluwayemisi Adeniran is proud to present his own designs in this wall hanging which he handcrafts from cotton. The human faces and shapes in this piece are achieved through the batik method where a wax resist is applied to the fabric before submerging it in purple and yellow dyes. Titled Orumila meaning Heaven knows who will be rich in Yoruba.
  • NOVICA Signed Painting of Female Nude in Acrylics and Oil Paints
    Masterfully working in oil paints and acrylics Aricadia of Bali paints the figure of a woman in his hallmark style. At the center of his canvas he paints a woman in the nude hiding her face within her elbow and resting it on a bent knee. The tranquility of her pose contrasts profoundly with the vibrant splashes of red and bright green giving this piece a unique feel.
  • NOVICA Tall Blue Abstract Art Signed Painting from Ghana
    Joseph Adibleku is a fantastic painter from Ghana receiving inspiration from his family who support him in his endeavors. He paints this composition covering the tall canvas with lines of blue and magenta in a mesh-like pattern. Working in the abstract style he allows the natural off-white of the canvas to show through in this truly expressive painting.
  • NOVICA Signed Expressionist Painting of a Village Couple from Ghana
    A loving couple walks together hand-in-hand toward their village against a beautiful sky of yellow and orange colors. Drawing inspiration from everything that he sees around him Noah Boachie paints a fantastic composition that celebrates the quotidian grace of life in Ghana.
  • Winter Boots (1)
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  • NOVICA Expressionist Acrylic Painting
    Superimposed upon one another two faces are seen in profile. In this work I explore their different moods and personalities says Indian artist Sunil Jaiswal. Black and white provide a bold contrast with hot orange and yellow. The artist presents the painting in a card stock passe partout.
  • Natural Life 'Don'T Dull Your Sparkle' Wood Wall Art
    An inspirational quote takes center stage on a rustic wood sign featuring a fanciful floral border. Brand: NATURAL LIFE. Style Name:Natural Life 'Don'T Dull Your Sparkle' Wood Wall Art. Style Number: 5224132. Available in stores.
  • NOVICA Original Signed 48-Inch Andean Oil Painting of Wild Horses
    Frisky young horses frolic in a meadow beneath a golden sky. Adolfo C'colque captures their strength their intelligence and their magnificent spirit in radiant oils. The Andean artist conveys his mastery of perspective and realism in this dramatic oil painting. Titled Juego en el charco in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Original Diptych Paintings from India
    In celebration of love and tradition Priti Parikh paints the portraits of a bride and groom from Rajasthan. Painting with acrylics in golden undertones Parikh masterfully details the beautiful bride's captivating almond eyes and glistening jewelry. The handsome groom wears a turban and golden earrings.
    • Yosemite Artwork - Nesting I
    • Abstract Aqua & Brown Floral Canvas Art Print
    • Yosemite Artwork - Burgeoning Blossoms I
    • Gypsy Survive
  • NOVICA Painting of Waterfall in Ocher Landscape in Peru Signed Art
    Ocher hues set an autumnal mood in the Peruvian highlands where nature seems to sleep yet is forever kept awake by the thundering torrents of tall waterfalls. Impressive dramatic this oil painting by Raul Cardenas captures the extraordinary beauty of the land. Titled Torrente sin tiempo in Spanish

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