IMAGINEDRAGONS.♥ eeeeeppp (:

New favorite song, new favorite band, new favorite memory ♥

I'm kind of in love with this song & I'm kind of in love with . . . the association to this song :) ♥

I like this set because I adore TOMDALEYYY hehe & how he matches with the
Tom Daley is way too hot , like waaaayyy to hot to be human. I just don't understand how so much perfection can be packed into one person. ;D

This week has been one of the longest / hardest / strangest / funniest / best weeks of the yearrr! Agh, this weekend isn't going to turn out as I hoped, but oh well, I'm still happy. (: I can't wait for next week...
Hmm, what else is going on? A lot of crap, that's for sure, life is so insanely busy. life is so insane in general. 
I'm kind of dreading school. I miss summer. I miss everything. 
This year is so full of hard work, discipline, pressure, & craziness, but yet it's a year I am learning a lot. Learning in the sense of school, learning new things & skills, but also learning more about myself. 

I'm finally getting over this boy. You know, that one boy that you thought you'd never get over? The one that you dedicated way too many pages in your diary to? The one that caused you tears, heartbreak, & confusion...the one that played you so many times - full circle. He's the one that you really cared for...
Maybe I'm finally getting over him. & that makes me happier than anything (:

To change the subject, today I'm going to this dinner & movie thing about children trafficking - like the sex trade & sex slavery. It's about this mission / children home that I worked with in summer 2011. Children trafficking is something I'm really passionate about, or I guess, I have a passion to end it. I don't know, I guess the movie is pretty hardcore 'cause you are supposed to be 18 & older to watch it, but I guess I'm an exception (:
I am honestly psyched, because I love this ministry more than anything (: I'd do anything to go back. THAI2011 holds my heart. ♥
May God be glorified.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty chill since we have a break from games...but the rest of the weekend will be double headers probably...
I want to go shopping soooo bad. I need to go to Bath & Body Works & get more FALL CANDLES (:
I also want to go to Sephoraaaa & goodwill because I ♥ thrifting.

I gotta go get ready for tonight. LOVE YOU GUYS.
PM meeehhh & have a great night. 

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Wrote 4 years ago
Because great minds think alike ;)
Have you tried doing that clapping stomping thingy from that song? It's harder than Gangnam style! XDDD
Tom Daley is HOT and... yeah (:

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
'nuff said (:



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