Roar-Katy Perry

 You have no idea how long I waited to use the "purple passion" repeat line. But why were you waiting Lani? Well Lani, it's because the last few sets I've made have been in the order of a rainbow!! :D Except for like, 3, but that's because I couldn't resist, ok?? Mint is a pretty colour and my taglist was old! Not to mention all the pretty tops i found! Don't judge :( My unicorn WILL attack you if you do. I'm dead serious >:(

 Anywaysss, if you noticed, please comment telling me, and if you didn't, well, you can still comment! :D

 Also, I recently achieved all of my current goals on Polyvore!!!! I just want to say thank you sososososososososososososososososososo much! You honestly have no idea how happy I am right now. I haven't stopped smiling since I've seen it. Thank you again and ilysm!!!!!!!!! ^-^

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