tuesday; Cosmopolitan is hosting a ‘better than sex.’ party. It’s an exclusive party held by Cosmopolitan magazine. Apparently some famous people will be there so be on your best behavior or worst. They’re interviewing everyone, and you can expect to read all the personal questions in next month’s issue. 
Sid took a sip from the brightly colored drink she was served when she asked the bartender for something strong, looks could sometimes be deceiving but this was pretty good. The burn in her throat fading as she looked around, looking as polar opposite from her usual uniform like she did at these sort of parties. Bastian was missing by her side, not because she shooed him off but because the Brit was busy yet again for another night in a row. He claimed his phone went dead the night before and he had no idea and tonight supposedly a gig. She was tired of it.
Not like she wasn't used to going stag to these sort of events or more regular ones, just she was starting to like the company. A slow breath taken through her nose, shifting from one foot to the other, wearing another pair of heels that Aria made her buy. They weren't too bad. She was looking at her feet when she seen another pair stop in front of her wearing shoes with a much taller heel.

Green eyes slowly look up only to be on even with the woman, hah, the other had to be quite short. Made a smirk appear upon her lips as she c*cked her head to the side, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, Miss McCarthy. I'm with Cosmo magazine and we're asking questions of the party goers. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a couple?" She smiled so sweetly it had to be fake.

Sid thought a moment, Cosmo.. Was that the one that had the questions on the back like what the person had for dinner or if they had to only wear one pair of shoes for a year? Or was that Allure? Maybe the defunct Jane.. She blinked, "Sure.. I guess.."

The petite blonde woman drew Sid to the side and pulled out her tape recorder, "So.. We've heard from a couple sources that you walked out on a Nylon interview.. Are there problems going on? Did they touch on a sensitive subject?"

Sid swallowed hard and took a drink from her glass she was now clutching almost like a security blanket, "No.. It was fine.. Just stupid family questions.. I love my parents. They're helping me out while I figure out my life. What I want to do with it."

"Right.. Your father is a professor at Seattle University with a doctorate in Classic Literature and your mother an English teacher at a high school.. Very interesting."

Sid nodded meekly, lifting her glass to her lips for a drink. "They love each other very much.. They will be married for 20 years next month."

"So they were married after you were born?" She arched her brows at the obviously nervous girl.

"Yes.. My mother met my father at Seattle University." She smiled slightly.

"Was she a student of his?" The woman asked.

Sid cleared her throat, spotting a familiar tall figure in a suit, "Oh! I see a friend I really need to speak to!" She set her glass down on the tray of a passing waiter and quickly walked away. Her arm slipping into Kole's and she steered him away from the 'snack' table. "Just act natural.."

Kole blinked, looking down at the girl, "Sid? What's going on?"

"I'm dodging a reporter.. Pretend I just said something horribly sarcastic and witty?" She arched a brow, attempting a smile. "Shouldn't be too hard."

They both laughed and Sid watched the woman walk off, writing in her note pad. She felt a chill going down her spine and she kept that smile even if she had a really bad feeling.
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