Louisa Akiyama-Dupont
Likes: the summer, Tokyo, flowers, harajuku, falling in love, intelligence, poetry, ramune, manga, sweet lolita, lace, florals, lip gloss, kittens, reading, shibuya, 
Dislikes: America, loudness, PDA, racism, interviews, 
Bio: Who is Louisa? The girl who grew up in a *boring* life as the Prime Minister of France's daughter. The girl who was taught to grow up too soon and to act /perfect/ in front of the public. She spent the majority of life in disguise in America, attending an all-girl's school isolated from society. She dreamed of traveling back to Japan, where she knew her heart belonged. After all, she was half-Japanese, but was always interested in that side of her heritage. She would read countless novels on geishas and samurais and play millions of anime shows, but yet she could never truly be in the Land of the Rising Sun. She knew if she'd return, the people would only laugh at the awkward foreigner while saying "gaijin". She had enough of dreaming about Japan and worked hard to get into Tokyo University. She wants to major in Japanese literature and would do anything to own an original scroll of Basho's. She's ambitious, sweet, and perhaps a bit naive and deluded into what Tokyo is really like. She might seem cold and distrustful at first, but when you get to know her she opens up, even though she denies feelings of friendship. Now that she's here, she has to deal with the crazy people, yakuza members, being hunted down by the media, racist old folks, b-tchy gyarus, boy j-rock bands, the competitive college atmosphere, and all the special things that make Japan, well, Japan.
Model: Devon Aioki 
Taken by: emilie-ethereal

Hey everyone, I'm Louisa. Except most people call me Lou, Louie, or L. Yes, I speak fluent Japanese and grew up in America. No, I am not an otaku. Okay thanks. Bye.
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