I knew you were trouble// taylor swift.

Like asdfghjkl;' have you gotten her Red Album , likes it amazing c': 
Listen to the beat of this song ^^ well the one that i did for the song, its amazing c':

▷ Anywhoos, how are chu gorgeous? I hope you are doing alright !! but if not pm, i might make your day a little brighter, thats why im here c':

▷ In my schoool, I THINK MY TEACHERS ARE SLUTSSS.. like really i think like really.. like what teacher pulls out the phone out of the bras.. like like thats not normal, and then and then they twirl there hair once like they see a guy at our school!! like i dont think thats normal.. so so so so so ya.. cx

▷ Bon qui qui is the life c':
just saying lol cx

▷ im not perfect, but guess what, chu are.. to me ♥
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Wrote 4 years ago
@selenaanonlovies-xo My sluttt always go first c; iluffyousomuchsellyboo! ♥ @joosten-bieber-anon im his bitchhh he is my manwhore @taylor-selena-demi-an0nymous iwoulddiewithoutyou c: ♥ #PAILENAISSHIPPED @lealexan0n WAFFLES!!! ♥ @lea0811 Haygirlhay c: ghetto bitchesss unite c; ♥ @selenurmarie-anon { read above cx } ♥ @hey-its-cher-anon TEHEHE HAY SPONGEBOB/UNICORN BUDDIE! ♥ @gotta-be-one-direction-anons Oh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cx ♥ @anonymous-selenagomez your icon is niceeeeee c; ♥ @kendall-and-kylie-anon-xo kylie is my hannah banana c: hai sexay c; ♥ @taylur-anonymousxo My wifey.. protection is the best thing in life c: ♥ { DOUBLE TAG SWAG } @datswiftanon TAY TAY SWIFFLE c: ♥ @sexy-selly-marie-anon SUNSHINE TWINNIN BUDDIES C: ♥ @swagginsmile Parker and Paige ftw c: @miley-cyrus-bieber-anon-babe SmileyMileyisbackies!!♥ ill put you up laterrr cx @justinbieberanonnn your weird.. lol i like you cx @justinisacoolkid woah tmi dont need to know you are peeing lol cx

Wrote 4 years ago
@courtneydanice ♥ @tutus-and-tennis-shoes ♥ @faith484 ♥ @feizim ♥ @justindrewbieberanon1 ♥ @anon-justindbieber your fuckin weird.. :p @selalatothegomezanon Ava + Galaxy=foreverandalways♥ @swift-anonymousxo SWIFFLE♥ @cleb teachers suck :c ♥ @datswiftanon♥ @taylur-anonymousxo SHE IS MY WIFEY♥ Protectionisthebestthinginlifec; @c0dyanon LLAMAS FOR YEW @paige-and-skye-xoxo TWINNAY c: @alva-hazel-the-anon hai c: @ah0yalex You are beautiful♥

Wrote 4 years ago
@onedirection101-thebeatles ♥ @liam-j-payne-anon ♥ @istbbsi ♥ @mindlessly-dope ♥ @tobisko ♥ @elle-and-friends-anons ♥ @drummergrl12 ♥ @arianagrandelovies-xo ♥ @reginae-and-paige-anon ♥ @mrsprincetonperez ♥ @selena-gomez-and-friends-anons ♥ @steph820 ♥ @clairebear2099 ♥ @lola-8march1982 ♥ @beautifulbitch-xo ♥ @callmemaybe16 ♥ @juustinbeebuh ♥ @elle131 ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
@check-dem-nikes ♥ @roropopo ♥ @onedirectionlover35 ♥ @jus10beeburanonymous ♥ @vic-justice-anon ♥ @paige-and-kim-anon ♥ @reginae-and-paige-anon ♥ @jessaaaaay ♥ @prodigyselmo123 ♥ @cutie1 ♥ @steph820 ♥ @crisnoronha ♥ @badbitchswagtillthedeath ♥ @swaggin-an0n3 ♥ @oedipus ♥ @chad-vee-anon ♥ @oreoz-need-luv ♥ @dreaminginparis ♥ @xxkeeponsmilingxx ♥ @music143 ♥

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