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Madison Smith ll

- Madison "Maddie" Smith
- 22 / 17th January 1990
- Born in London but grew up in Sydney
- Likes : Iced Chocolates , Bright Colours , Sweets , Reading , Music , Her kitten , Her siblings , Heels , Sunglasses , Photography. 
- Dislikes: Her parents specifically her mum but she dislikes both , People who don't work hard , Complainers , Being disorganized , Bullsh.iters , Relationships , Having to much time on her hands.
- Three words to descibe Maddie. Independent , Sweet , Lost. Growing up Madison never really had that proper family structure , her mother left when she was 10 leaving Maddie to look after her younger siblings. It wasn't like her dad wasn't there , he was always just to busy.
Growing up like that Madison quickly learned not to rely on people and if she wanted something done , she had to do it herself. 
Madison is generally a sweet girl , the kinda girl you can go to and tell anything to. She is always ready to listen but rarely lets anyone into her problems. Madison is head strong and quite vocal about it , if you are doing or saying something she doesnt like she will tell you.
Madison throws herself into her work which makes her the perfect pick for Langley and Lane. Ofcourse everyone but Maddie can see her workaholic ways are her way of not dealing with things but she is perfectly happy that way.
Madison doesn't handle relationships well at all. She doesn't believe in love after all she seen she merely believes it belongs in fairytales.
- Job: Kenzie's Assistant
- Model : Karen Gillan.
- @chrissykinz


I don't think i wrote for her very much or at all really but it was the first time i used karen gillan and she is amazing.

Also Happy St Patrick's Day/
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