Inspiration of the day : MLC2 with Steven McQueen ♥

My god, guys! It was fantastic, beyond words! Here a little recap of the day I've spent at the Convention :

It was such a great day. I went to MLC2, in Béziers which is a small city in the south of France.
I don't know where to start! I met Steven McQueen, Zach Roerig and saw Matt Davis and Julie Plec at the Q&A. It was freaking interesting, the questions were both funny and catchy at the same time.
So. I was going to take a picture with Steven and Zach, I was excited, but once I entered the room where the photos were taken, it was another story.
I just take a minute to thanks God I didn't lose my english in two whole years, even if I don't believe in it. Well, I should thanks myself than. Yes, it's better this way. ANYWAY. :p
I was with lil sister Sarah, and she was so happy too. Then, Steven entered, alone, and he was fucking radiant. I think I even saw his halo! Haha. He went to me, asking "what's your name?" and that kind of stuffs-
Just saying, this is the weirdest thing ever BUT the only word I can't prononce correctly in english is my name! I am like "My name's Audrey, then adding quickly, Like Audrey Hepburn!"-
So, he was all smile, and then took a pose next to me to take a picture and the photographer said "No, we're waiting for Zach. It's both of you now (for this shooting especially)." Then, he turned toward me and said "What ? You want to two (smoking handsome) boys to take a picture with you? Am I not enough?!" with a face I'll recall all me life. I laughed hard, and he did too.
As Zach wasn't there yet, we talked. FOR MINUTES. It was incredible! Like old friends, or I don't know. He is a sweet and beautiful man. Like, the best friend you were craving all your life for.
So we talked music (He has a thing for Ed Sheeran) and he kept on singing, it was really nice. It's like he sang everything and anything... I have the feeling he can drive nuts people around him lol
He asked me where do I come from, and I said Toulouse. He asked me how much it took from here, and I answered two hours, and then I wanted to know if he liked France... He said it was wonderful, that we have a magnificent country and that he would gladly come back. YES! :p
I said that yesterday it was the birthday of my sis, Sarah, and then he wished her a Happy Birthday! He asked me what's here favorite singer, I answered Rihanna, and then he started singing to her (my sister) Umbrella. NO KIDDING. This man is mad, haha.
Then, Zach appeared and said he needed to take a look of himself-
Zach wasn't that much fun. I found him distant. But, still. He kissed me and was kind toward me, so this is the most important. :)
- And so Steven left me (what, 30 seconds?) but before he said, "Je reviens, ma chérie!" LMAO.
Then, they came back together, Zach said "Hi!" to me and nothing else. Then took pose next to me, and then, kissed me- but before Zach says in a voice, you know like in the movies... (omg) "Aren't you uncomfortable like this?"- then, smacks on each side of my face. I was quite "OMG MY BRAIN FUCKING EXPLODE!!!!" but it was so sweet. We took another photo, and then, bye-bye! Steven said one more time "Happy Birthday!" to my sis, Sarah, and I really appreciated that. He is a good guy.
There is so much I could tell about the Q&A... Steven was goofy and amazing. He always had the little joke which can make you smile, Zach was... ehh, like this is soooo boring and it's like he answered questions by yes or no. But, there is this one time, when a girl asked to the Cast :
"What kind of super heroes would you be, each of you?"
Matt answered Spiderman, because he grew up with "him" (yeah, I know XD), Steven chose Super Man, and I was sure he would chose him, like very sure ; He said it's because it would fun to teleport yourself and to fly from one city to another, and stuffs like that. Julie said she would like to be a mind-reader (X-MEN POWAAAA!) then, went Zach and he said Flash Gordon. Everyone was like, "Why?" and he simply answered to be fast. Okay... And Steven added "Really? It wasn't to flash the girls?" Haha. I love him!
So this day was amazing, I could say much more and much less too, but it was really, really a great day and I will keep those memories, and also the kisses, in my mind.

I hope you love this x)
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