To Build a Home//The Cinematic Orchestra
I'm using this song again in a set even though I've used it so many times BEACAUSE IT'S PERFECT
definitely one of my favourite songs ever. 

most of the pictures on here are from my tumblr c: I spent almost half an hour going through it and saving all the polyvore ish looking photos that I liked and yeah
go follow ->
-shamless self promotion-

and yay weekend! Father's Day is coming up so I'm not sure exactly what we're going to do. and uh oh I haven't gotten anything for dad :/
also, I left my spare locker key at home so I had to put my bag ontop of the lockers and go the whole day without most of my books haha. 
Yeah there was no way I was going to the maintenance man again. I've lost my locker key so many times and gone to get a spare key and to get my padlock cut off that he knows my name -.-"

yeah anyway... cya! x
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