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Hi beauties,

I actually quite like this set! It looks so summery.
I stole some of the items from the gorgeous Frann(: aka @frannyboy-xo 's collection. So thanks chick! ♥

I'm getting really into Justin Timberlake's old music like Cry Me A River + Sexy Back. And he's so easy to look at. *drool* 

Anyways, only 6 days to go guys. ohmygosh *insert high pitch scream here*

My day;;

R E G I S T R A T I O N ♥
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, all the reg classes are mixed and re-spread out as focus groups, like people with low attendance and stuff. I'm in the A* focus group, so today we looked at this revision booklet with handy tips to help you revise.

D O U B L E - M A T H S ♥
Today, the guys came in our [all girl] maths class, and their teacher took us for most of the two hours. We did some work on Circle Theorems. So the teacher nicknamed one of them Kitty Ears, aha. Then we did this stuff on quadrilaterals within a circle. eurgh.
Then my teacher came back and she gave out the past paper [that i had a b on, and she already gave it to the ones who went to revision last night] so we had to do corrections on them.

B R E A K ♥
This was boring as heck.

D O U B L E - G E O G R A P H Y♥
We got our marks back from the coursework we did ages ago, and i got 38/40 which was the same for most people in my class, apart from like two people. lawl. Today we did work on The Brecon Beacons, which is a national park within Wales. So we did some things on positive and negative affects of tourism. We looked at social, economic and environmental affects. Then we had to do exam questions.

L U N C H♥
It was a lot livelier than normal, we just hung around by these tables in our lunch place, and chatted a bunch.

A R T ♥
As a bunch of people were doing their art exams, we had to go in a different room. So we went to the Business Studies room and had to start evaluating our final exam piece. It was kinda boring, my friends were texting me so i did more texting than work. aha. Then these 2 popular girls sent me a photo of themselves with a scarf draped over both of their heads so all i could see was this one girl's mouth and the other one put her glasses over the scarf. She got my number from that girl who i texted in art yesterday. :s It was really stupid.

E N D - O F - S C H O O L - D A Y♥

ohmygosh, i just found the songs i used to love about 4/5 years ago. Like Untouched by the veronicas :o and Lucky Twice by Lucky

Aha, comment 
if you actually read this
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