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Yee, so excited for Southern Hospitality to start! I got Anise, which, may I just say, oh hell yes. Anyway, what did I say? I'm totally getting more editorial. I think I was subtly picking up @dreamingofamelia (sorry to be such a bother and tag you again, your sets are just so gorgeous!) vibes because I was looking at all her beautiful sets before I made this. It works I think? Oh god I think I already broke the scholarship student thing, obviously she's not going to have a Miu Miu skirt. But it's so cute. Sigh. The woes of fashion. #polyvoreproblems 

Chord Belvidere
age: 18 
year: 4th 
Chord Belvidere is Mr. Spectacular at Pemberley. He has the perfect grades, a perfect SAT score, has multiple Ivy leagues recruiting him for various sports, comes from a perfect family and is literally flawless. Chord is the nice guy at Pemberly, he's pretty average with his personality but deep down he has a heart of gold, even if it doesn't always show. To any girl he dates, he's always the perfect gentleman. He was one of the Corpus Humanis main recruits when he was a freshman and he's now the president, which just about everyone is happy with (well besides Evianna, but aren't we all bitter when it comes to our exes?). Chord doesn't get too involved in drama either, well there have been a few things every once in a while. Just a year ago, when he was a junior, it was rumored he'd begun talking to a girl...a freshman at that. Obviously his ex girlfriend was jealous, as these things always are...but besides that, Chord's drama record is clean. One more thing though, he was rumored to be talking with Elsie Nichols.
relationship status: Single, but being crushed on by Anise Cathilion.
model: Tim Borrmann

--- ☽♕☾ ---

Anise Cathilion
age: 15
year: 2nd
Anise is so prim and proper and is such a cookie cutter form of innocence. This year will be her first year in the Society. She moved to Pemberley last semester and knew absolutely no one. She's on a scholarship and is from a regular, midwest, suburban home. Her grades, tennis achievements and her plaid skirts are what have gotten her soaring through Pemberley, and even Corpus Humanis likes a good girl (to corrupt of course). Anise knows nothing about what goes on behind the brick walls of the Corpus Humanis walls. She is oblivious to the cruel things they do and thinks its just a society for brains and popularity. However, she's sure to be proven wrong this year. Or maybe she already knows the Pemberley ways, maybe because Elsie told her all about it. After all, the only reason Anise was let into Corpus Humanis was because Elsie's spot was open. Raises some eyebrows, now doesn't it?
taken by: @volonte (cheers mate)
model: Katiusha Feofanova

Hi, I hope you all remember me? I'm Anise Cathilion, it's so lovely to talk to you all, you're all so amazing.

(My little doe eyed naivety monster, I love her already, haha. So, comment with relationship ideas and a hello? You know how it goes.)
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