Last Friday Night by Katy Perry - {girls name} is a shy, quiet girl with excellent grades, good morals, and a solar system diagram hanging from her wall. She never goes crazy, never parties, and never drinks. Then, one night, she sees that her neighbor across the street is having a party, so on a spur of the moment decision, she decides to give herself a little makeover, and head over. After having a little too much to drink and getting a little too crazy, she ends up hanging out ( depending on what rating you roleplay to, you can decide what "hanging out" means ) with the hottest guy in school, whom she's had a crush on for ever. She passed out right after the party, and he ended up taking her back to his apartment to take care of her until she woke up. the hangout would literally jut mean, dancing, talking having fun...nothing too inappropriate


do you want me to start, or do you wanna? (:
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