Giselle, BANY

☀Sunday: We're going to have a rooftop party on the top of the VS headquarters. Miranda will be joining us. The theme? Chanel. Wear only Chanel, head to toe. Bring your beaus and your best Chanel bag.
The heels of my Chanel mary janes (please pretend) click-clacked on the steps as I made it up to the roof. 

My arm was linked together with Luke's, feeling that bubbling feeling inside my stomach. I was so excited he came with me. I wasn't in the mood to go to the roof-top party alone. alone. 

Smooth-sounding music hummed around the scene as everyone was clinking champagne glasses, mingling, and of course laughing. 

I gretted a few girls and came back to Luke giving him a drink. 

"Thank you, Bundchen" he grinned taking a sip of his martini. 

Bundchen was a nickname Luke had given me since my first name was Giselle. Its was SO hilarious. Ha-ha. Not. But I just went a long with it. 

Luke reached inside his jacket pocket and grabbed his Blackberry, clearing the screen to read his email. 

"So sorry, but I have to go. The meeting I was telling you about is apparently not canceled. I'll see you tonight, though." he called over to me, walking away. 

What meeting? I never did pay attention to him when he talked about work. 
For what seemed like hours I was talking to Grace and Camelia. We were talking about how bieng new in VS was hard work but eventually fun and stuff like that. 

I really wished we could talk about anything other than work. 

Ahh, thank god! I sighed to myself as I opened my vintage flap bag to retrieve my ringing cell phone that got me out of the boring convo. 

I squinted my eyes as I tread the text.

LUKE: gisele, meet me @ the plaza rm. 1918. asap.

ME: Wait. Your back from your metting? 

But I got now reply. I realized something was odd about the text. Actually a few things. 

First of all, he didn't call me Bundchen and he spelled my name wrong. And Luke's text are always perfect grammatically correct. He never uses abbreviation It annoys the hell out of me. Hm, whatever. I'll just meet him there. Even though something didn't seem right about it...

I stepped out of the elevator once it had reached the 19th floor, following the arrow that said;

"Rooms 1900-1930" 

I stared blanky at the door. It was already opened and the lights were completley turned off and there was not a single sound. 

"Giselle, do come it." a voice boomed. 

At first, I had the instinct to run faster that I did to a Prada shoe sale. But instead I slowly stepped in. A chill crept down my back, and goose bumps were all over my arms. 

This didn't seem like Luke. He wasn't all mysterious like this. 

But his shadow looked so much like him! I bet he had a soar throat or something. 

Luke placed his hand on the small of my back, pulling me into his chest. 

Out of nowhere he began smothering me. I jumped a little, but I just realized he was kissing me. 

He pulled me onto the bed with him. 

At first it was kissing, but then it got more. 

I expected a guy like Luke to take his time doing it. But he ravaged me. It was sexy..but..I don't know. Something was JUST not right about this. It was driving me nuts! 

We rolled over, our legs intertwined. 

"Ouch! Agh my back!" I yelled as I hit the lamp.

It switched on and I immediatley saw the figure. 

Oh my god! It wasn't Luke, he looked a little like him. wasn;t! 

I quickly sparng from the bed and made a run for it. 

"Brad Cameron" read a plaque on his desk. 

Cameron was Luke's last nmae. Forget it. Cameron is SUCH a common surname. But he DID look like Luke and how else could he know about me. 

"Are you Luke's brother?" I gasped in horror reaching for the door handle, sliding into my shirt. 

Sweat rand down the side of my head and I couldn't breathe. 

"You're not going anywhere!" he roared grabbing my hands. 

"Let go you pig!" I screamed, kicking him hin the balls. 

He immediatley let go cluthing his nuts. 

"AGGGHH YOU'll pay for this you.. SLUTT!" he screamed. 

 I grabbed a BOSS nylon coat from the ground and wrapped myself around it as I sprinted to the evlevator, out of the hotel, and into the dark, rainy streets of New York. 

Oh. fuckk. I was so screwed.


(Type drama if you read this all)
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