Now you're standing in the neon,looking like a high I want to be on. c:

|Sure be cool if you did|
Do y'all like this one? I couldn't fit the other text in so I got frusterated. welpers.
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    Because i've got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away...♥ @blake-shelton-anonn@ashl3ytisdal3@demi-lovato-anonn@naya-rivera-anonn A$$ kicking h0e from Lima Heights. c: @dani3ll3p3azer@xo-candiceswanepoelanon@your-leda-muir @louis-tomlinson-anonloves1d@heather-morris-annon@pink-friday-cupcakes @smiley643 @hieuanh @your-jade-thirlwall-anonxoxo @mzbossyfashions11 @jennifer-benitez @holtanonymous@your4mb3r @helpanon-xoxo@yourerica@xo-victoriacanne@alyantorchaanon@niallerhanon@xoraelynn @laurenalaina-anonymous@brooklyn-tally @ana-banana


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