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Monday 7/16
+ Cellar Rats are going back to where it all began, preforming live from DRC one night only and Jade Lane got everyone backstage passes


"And here i thought you were only nocturnal." Tay said with a smirk. I rarely made appearances at the club during the day but having a day off from drum deserved a drink.

"It's not to sunny out there so i could get out." I said with a shrug before sitting down in front of the bar.

"Tay how do you?" I heard an unfamiliar female voice yell out.

"Just ask Matt." Tay yelled out rolling her eyes. "Day staff." she muttered to me frowning.

I raised an eyebrow amused, it takes alot to p.iss Taylor off. She was a little naive and probably the sweetest person i ever met so this unknown female must be really bad at her job.

"Before you even ask Matt , the massive w.anker , hired this girl because she had a good rack and he thought it would bring the punters in." Taylor said with a sigh. I chuckled, that was typical Matt. Always a sleaze.

"That's sexist." I said nodding as Tay handed me a drink.

"It is right." She said pulling her hair back and frowning. "Why can't he hire more hot guys? I mean do you know how hard its is to find good looking men in New York?" Tay ranted.

"Nope." I said sipping on my beer again "I never actually had that problem considering i'm straight but hey if i ever decided to turn i know i should look outside of nyc." I said with a smirk.

"Well it's hard." she muttered looking embarrassed "So if you think about if you have more good looking guys we'd get more females coming and less fake tanned" she said with a satisfied look.

"Awww but Tay i'd be out of a job." I said faking a pout. 

"What? Why?" Tay said confused. I shook my head grinning. "I was saying i wasn't good looking." I said explaining what i meant. 

"Shut up Laykn." Taylor said rolling her eyes at me. I guess my attempt at modesty wasn't appreciated.

"Oh yeah could you tell Matt i won't be working tonight?" I said rather quickly.

"Wait what?" She said with a frown. "You can not leave me here by myself." she pouted at me. "Why?"

"I'm going to a gig." I said "Stop pouting by the way. You look you have had to much botox." I added earning a whack on the arm. I really should have known better.

"Who are you going to see? I have to decide if it is worth helping you out." Taylor said scrunching her face up.

I knew she was going to help me regardless of whether she actually considered the band worthy of her effort. I wasn't exactly sure why but i had a feeling if she did me enough favours i would have to cover for her for at least a month.

"The Cellar Rats." I said with a shrug. 

"Did you just say we have rats in the cellar." The voice said from before said. I look over and saw exactly what Taylor was talking about before. Matt really was desperate.

"What do you want Kim?" Taylor said shooting a glare over at the girl , Kim.

"Matt said you have to fix the thingy because i don't wanna ruin my nails."

"Tell Matt to do it himself instead of screwing you in the storage room." Taylor said rolling her eyes. Kim scoffed walking away.

"See what you are leaving me with." Taylor said stealing my drink and scoffing it down. "We don't even have a cellar here Lay and she thought , god." she said shaking her head and pulling a face.

"I understand." I said feeling slightly guilty.

"But luckily for you i actually like that band." She said with a grin. "Get me some photos." she added.

Theo tilted her head back a little and erupted into laughter , sometimes i worried about her, honestly. "How you learn so quickly, young grasshopper" She said, pushing the doors open , it smelled like any normal club. A mix of booze , sweat , sex and possibly urine. "My music isn't sh*t, you're just fussy" She rolled her eyes. No i wasn't fussy her music was just terrible, really it wasn't music.
"Not bad seats" I said surprised that she got sitting tickets instead of floor tickets. The band had started to play causing Theo to look over at me probably trying to gage my reaction.

"You like this band?" I asked well yelled at Theo with an eyebrow raised in her direction. I know the music she liked and this didn't exactly fit the category. 

 She shrugged "I'm not fussy like you." she said grinning. I rolled my eyes , i wasn't fussy at all.I just didn't like what she did and i told her that. I mean honestly she came in my car wanting to listen to her music. It was my car,

So why did you decide on sitting?" I asked my eyes back on the stage.

"You don't know your sister very well, do you?" She spoke, shaking her head seemingly ashamed with me but smiling to show that I was only kidding.. "I have a habit of jumping around like a maniac at concerts so I bought seat tickets so I can rest when I need to"She nodded her eyes not leaving the stage. 
"You? Rest?" I said laughing, elbowing her in the rib slightly. My sister did not rest , she acted like she was on a permant caffeine rush. 
"See, now you're sounding more like my brother" Theo laughed glancing at me slightly.

Didn't i always sound like me.

Yes i know she was being sarcastic.

I was also being sarcastic.


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[love it!! :D]

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Wrote 4 years ago
WE DO!!!
lol it is easy to get distracted by mikus :) or laykn whichever you prefer :)



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