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  • Willow & Water Bubble Bath
    Library of Flowers Willow Water Bubble Bath Chapter 2: Nectar + Pollen Silky Suds. Treat yourself to a tub of bubbly and soak in the bliss rich in replenishing coco butter and skin-pampering green tea. A special blend of soothing ginger and lemongrass melts away worries while lavish moisturizers envelop your body in exceptional softness. Cast of Characters: Top: Cut Greens Middle: Flowering Lotus Bottom: Watercress 17 fl.oz./502mL
  • Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, 170ml
    Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, 170ml
  • True Vanilla Bubble Bath
    Library of Flowers True Vanilla Bubble Bath Chapter 2: Nectar + Pollen Silky suds. Treat yourself to a tub of bubbly and soak in the bliss rich in replenishing coco butter and skin-pampering green tea. A special blend of soothing ginger and lemongrass melts away worries while lavish moisturizers envelop your body in exceptional softness. Cast of Characters: Top: Bergamot Middle: Dark Vanilla Bottom: Amber 17 fl.oz./ 502 mL
  • Gianna Rose Snowflake Guest Soaps
    Embossed with "jewel-like" snowflake details, 4 guest soaps are scented with a crisp winter fragrance. Nestled in a letterpressed, ready-to-give box (not shown). Set includes: 4 guest soaps. Made in USA.
  • Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub - DEA Free
    DEA Free Geranium Leaf Body Scrub uses two soft abrasive agents blended in a precise ratio for ideal exfoliation. The scrub detoxifies and cleanses the body - sloughing away dead surface cells and deeply ingrained grime - without scratching or damaging the skin. 170 ml / 5.7 oz
  • TOM FORD Neroli Portofino Bath Soap
    Vibrant. Sparkling. Transportive. To Tom Ford, this scent perfectly captures the cool breezes, sparkling clear water, and lush foliage of the Italian Riviera. His reinvention of a classic eau de cologne features crisp citrus oils, surprising floral notes, and amber undertones to leave a splashy yet substantive impression. Notes: Tunisian Neroli, Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Winter Yellow Mandarin, Orange Flower, Lavender. Style: Vibrant. Sparkling. Transportive.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Robin's Egg Soaps in Large Apothecary Jar
    Coordinate a charming woodland-themed, vintage-inspired display into your springtime bath, or continue a low-key palette in your kitchen, with this glass apothecary jar packed with tempting soaps in a sweet Robin's Egg design. The sixteen speckled blue eggs which are nestled inside the clear glass jar provide months of luxury hand-washings with a lovely scent of chamomile and meadowsweet. H:6.75". Nine Assorted. Overall H:6-5/8".
  • Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap
    What it is: A triple-milled soap that gently buffs away dry, dull skin while cleansing the body to reveal a smooth complexion. What it is formulated to do: Seaberry Exfoliating Soap gently buffs away dry, dull skin while cleansing the body to even skintone and reveal a radiant glow. The nourishing formula is fortified with seaberry oil, a powerful antioxidant rich in omegas that restores and softens the skin. Natural exfoliants of cranberry, bamboo, and bitter orange help diminish dehydrated skin, while shea butter nourishes and hydrates. Triple-milled to last longer, it produces a rich, non-drying lather for a luxurious cleansing experience. What else you need to know: The story of seaberry: "When I was two, living in a small town in East Siberia, I tipped over a pot of boiling water and burned my arm. The doctor treated me with a pasty orange salve that I later learned was seaberry oil. Native to Siberia, this restorative oil has been used for generations as a natural cure.”-Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Gardeners Soap with Tray and Brush
    Exquisitely mild, made with the nourishing essential oils of lemon, laurel and clove, the Gardener's Soap has a brisk and inviting natural scent, but its true appeal is in the triple-milled formula, which contains exfoliating oatmeal as well as nourishing ingredients to soften and ease weary hands. This gift set comes with two wrapped bars as well as a dainty hand-sized scrub brush and a rustic wooden tray to prolong their life. H:6.75". Four Piece.
  • Laura Mercier Créme de Pistache Créme Body Wash/8 oz.
    Inspired by the creamy and nutty aromas of pistachio desserts, Laura Mercier created Crème de Pistache, a decadent blend of gourmande ingredients. Her creation captures the essence of creamy pistachio nuts combined with almond, praline and hazelnut nuances and freshly whipped cream for a rich, luscious experience. Surround your senses with Crème de Pistache Crème Body Wash that leaves your skin smooth as silk. Coconut and oat derivatives gently cleanse the skin without drying or stripping it of its natural oils, while shea butter and macadamia nut oil derivatives leave it velvety soft. Hydrolyzed rice proteins, sweet almond proteins and pistachio extract offer skin protection. 8 oz.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Robin's Egg Soaps in Apothecary Jar
    Six charmingly realistic robins' eggs, their "shells” the gorgeous and romantic shade of sky blue that takes its name from the real bird's eggs, settle into a nest of crinkled paper within a useful glass apothecary jar in this lovely bath display or soap gift set. Realistic speckles dusted over the shells are not simply for show; in fact, they're gentle exfoliating inclusions of oatmeal and wheat bran. Set of 6. 1 oz. Each. Overall H: 9.5".
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  • Tocca Beauty Stella Nourishing Body Scrub
    As tempestuous and moody as a rebellious young Italian beauty, Stella attracts your senses with a flirtatious, fresh fragrance. The classic scent perfectly captures the refreshing and uplifting spirit of the Italian blood orange with its slightly sweet, fresh scent. Gently moisturizing, sugar-based Esfoliante da Corpo Body Scrub contains crushed olive granules to delicately exfoliate dry skin. Rich in natural oils, the luxurious formula boasts the emollient and healing properties of olive oil, safflower oil, and grapeseed oil. Notes: Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber. Style: Sensual. Intense. Feminine. What else you need to know: The Esfoliante da Corpo Body Scrub is paraben-free.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Robin's Egg Soap in Slider Gift Box
    The charming speckles within the Robin's Egg Soaps give a realistic look to the pale blue eggs, but instead of only detailing the shell, they remain visible as you use the beautiful hand soaps – because the flecks are in fact natural exfoliants in the mild, gentle triple-milled soap. A vegetable-based formula with the innocent, springlike fragrance of meadowsweet and chamomile makes washing a luxury. H:9.5". Set of 6.
  • Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
    What it is: Philosophy Cinnamon Buns is gentle enough for everyday use. This shampoo, conditioner and body wash has a unique, long lasting cinnamon fragrance. It works great as a bubble bath, and cleans and conditions in one step.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Vanilla Pear Gift Box
    An elegant leaf-shaped soap dish serves as a chic reminder of a luxe gift, adding a sleek and charming air of precious nature to your bath long after the three beautiful soaps that come with it have been used to nourish and cleanse the skin. Those soaps are artworks in themselves, naturalistically-shaped pears that are redolent of warm, creamy vanilla and ripe fruit with a touch of oatmeal for rich texture. Set of 3.
  • Borghese Fango Active Mud Soap for Face & Body 1 ea
    The spa-pampering of Fango mud - now in the simplicity of a soap. A daily cleansing mud soap that is gentle, yet effective, on both the face and body. Energizes and nourishes skin cells while a special absorbing action unclogs pores, eliminates dead skin cells and detoxifies impurities. Skin feels comfortably hydrated, firmer and invigorated. The perfect alternative for when you don't have enough time for a full Fango treatment. All the benefits, half the time.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Gardeners Soap Bar
    Luxury soap is not only for idle hands. Reward yourself for a day of work in a crisp garden or offer a moment's pleasure to a devoted patio vegetable-grower with the Gardener's Soap Bar, a luxury bar soap beautifully presented in paper wrapping. This essential oil-scented soap has been triple-milled for fineness according to the classic French process, then infused with oatmeal to exfoliate and nourish weary hands. 6 oz. Bar.
  • Victoria's Secret Lost in Love Limited Edition Spring Break 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub
    Escape winter with this double-duty exfoliating body wash that has a fresh tropical fragrance. This foaming scrub makes skin twice as nice with gentle skin-polishing microbeads and leaves a subtle hint of coconut water and tiare flower.Fragrance type: Fresh. Notes: Coconut water and tiare flower300 ml/10.1 fl oz.Domestic lost in love
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Tresors De Mers (Seashell Soaps) in Apothecary Jar
    The sweet, romantic honeysuckle and jasmine scent in these luxury decorative soaps conveys a lovely purity, while the impressively-detailed seashell shapes provide a charming hint of the ocean in this imaginative guest soap display. This set of nine Tresors des Mers seashell soaps includes realistically-textured starfish and shell designs, all packaged in a gorgeous and versatile clear glass apothecary jar. H:7". Eighteen Assorted.
  • Eiffel Tower Bubble Bath
    Peer through the glass. A delightful surprise awaits. Luxurious chattering bubbles boast extract of Japanese green tea, hydrating avocado and olive oils and vitamin E. The sweetest kiss: Mandarin. Tuberose. Gardenia. Vetiver.
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  • Gianna Rose Atelier Huile D'Olive Bar
    Rich, skin softening, pure olive oil combined with calming mint and eucalyptus leaves, olive leaf extract, and fresh citrus mint fragrance produce a hydrating and exfoliating bar soap to give as a gift or keep as your own. This emollient rich soap is both beautiful to behold and also lovely to use. Set it on the counter in a guest bath as a pretty accent or place in a soap dish for company to experience the luxurious lather and pleasurable scent.
  • philosophy 3-in-1 ultra rich shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, vanilla birthday cake 16 oz (473.1 ml)
    Philosophy®: 3 C. Flour, 1/2 tsp. Salt, 1/2 c. Butter, 1/2 c. Margarine, 1/4 c. Cooking oil, 3 c. Sugar, 5 eggs, 1/2 c. Evaporated milk, 1/3 c. Water, 1 tbsp. Vanilla, 1 tbsp. Butter flavoring. Combine flour and salt. Beat margarine, butter and oil for 30 sec. Add sugar; beat until fluffy. Add one egg at a time; beat 1 min. After each. Combine milk, water and flavorings. Bake at 325° for 1 1/2 hours. Cool 15 min. Remove from pan. Cool on wire rack. A world-class, absolutely delicious shower gel. Gentle enough for everyday use. Extra rich and creamy formula.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Savon Royal Double Bar Slider
    Grand packaging is only the surface of the quality to be found in these luxury bath-sized bar soaps – rejuvenating, skin-nourishing ingredients triple-milled for utmost fineness, with shea butter and royal jelly as the crown jewels of the recipe, offered as a generous double portion in beautiful embossed slider packaging so they're as beautiful on display as they will make your skin feel once you use them. Set of 2.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Body Scrub (175g)
    A modern interpretation of a classic style of scent, Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage Body Scrub is inspired by the European tradition of citrus colognes that are ubiquitously used to fragrance the body from top to toe and even spritzed liberally throughout the home. The addition of Eucalyptus and Sage adds a bright, herbaceous twist that brings a contemporary edge. The blend of sparkling citrus with leafy green herbs is given just a touch of forest freshness with a hint of cedarwood and crushed patchouli leaves, wrapping the zesty herbaceous fruits in a sensuous embrace. The result is a clean, invigorating scent with universal appeal that subtly scents the skin and encourages an uplifting feeling of well-being. Deep cleanser infused with exfoliating sunflower wax granules that sweep away impurities, while the vitamin C-rich Tarocco blood orange, eucalyptus, and sage extracts leave skin wonderfully conditioned. Brand: Crabtree & Evelyn. Range: Tarocco, Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage.
  • Gianna Rose Atelier Royal Jelly Guest Soap in Gift Box
    Four guest-sized bars of opulent triple-milled soap containing shea butter and royal jelly look lofty and refined in dark damask and gold packaging, creating a gift box bar excellence or a guest experience luxe enough for a grand hotel. These lovely home goods are made from the finest ingredients to make your bath what it should be: a place for pure relaxation, pure sensual enjoyment, and pure pleasure. Set of 4.
  • Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash 10 oz (300 ml)
    London via Madagascar. Heated sands. A spice-spiked breeze. Skin warmed by the sun. The way we blend it: A body wash with Madagascan black peppercorn oil (for antioxidant protection), fragrant coriander and herby basil. Why you'll love it: Keeping you clean, fragrant and ready for the day, this award-winning body wash is just the thing to spice up your bathing routine. Hot. Spicy. Adventurous. Fragrance family: Spicy. A top note of coriander. A heart of black peppercorns. A base note of vetiver.