Nuance Wine Thermometer
  • Nuance Vacuum Wine Stopper
    The Nuance vacuum wine stopper is a very efficient wine bottle stop. Perfect for when you wish to save wine in a opened bottle after a glass or two during the evening. Pump on the little lever to create vacuum inside the bottle until you feel resistance, and the stopper fits perfectly. By preventing oxidisation, the stopper prolongs the life of the wine by up to several days. Store the bottle in the upright position and you have the perfect wine storage solution, also makes a great gift for wine aficionados in your life.
  • Nuance Lever Corkscrew
    Nuance highly functional corkscrew. Thanks to the practical design, this corkscrew is easy-to-use and can pull even the most defiant of corks without much effort. Lower the handle to screw the spiral smoothly into the cork. It also has a very practical foil cutter and replacement spiral included. Nuance is a Scandinavian design company with a commitment to delivering quality designer homewares. Nuance attributes its success to meticulous attention to detail and skilful design in each and every product. Nuance products add the perfect finishing touch to any stylish home and also make for an original gift.
  • Nuance Waiter's Tools Cocktail Shaker
    The Waiter's Tools Collection is very special shape. Its pattern is blond, bright, beautiful and suitable for entertaining and everyday use. It is easily and elegantly taken care of by the Nuance products. Features: Cocktail shaker. Elegant and practical in design and use. Material: Stainless Steel with silicone. Hand wash recommended. Waiter's Tools collection. Perfect for home or restaurant use; high design and function. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 0.77 Pounds.
  • Nuance Steel Hip Flask
    Contemporary pocket hip flask inspired by the classic scout canteen. Produced in stainless steel, it includes practical holder in the lid, and the combination of polished stainless steel and organic shape is completed with a silicone tether to keep the cap in place. Why not combine with the Nuance nip cup set for the perfect gift for the gent who loves the outdoors.
  • Nuance Shaker
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    Features: Shaker. Rubber coated surface. Stainless steel and silicon construction. Black finish.
  • Nuance Ice Bucket & Tongs
    Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke have jointly designed the ultimate series of bar accessories for Nuance which includes a stylish ice bucket which has been thought through in the smallest details. This Ice Bucket can be used with one hand while holding a drink with the other. The lid is simply pushed to one side and then you elegantly remove the ice cubes with the tongs located in the lid. The tongs have large gripping surfaces with holes in so they drip into the bucket and not onto your table. Once ice cubes are gathered you can push the lid back over and put the tongs in. Made from highly polished stainless steel the walls and base are double thickness to keep the cold in. An internal insert is made from cool pool-blue ABS plastic which makes it easy to separate the ice cubes even in lower lighting.
  • Nuance Cocktail Shaker
    This cocktail shaker has high tech silicone rings to allow the top to be easily removed and mixed drinks poured. With this design Nuance have solved the age old problem of shakers being impossible to separate once mixed. The shaker remains completely closed during mixing and the silicone seals make it easy to soundlessly whip the top lid off when you want to pour drinks. The drink is then sieved during pouring through a strainer which is inspired by crackling ice. At the same time the lid functions as a 2cl. measuring cup which is practical to have when mixing the ingredients for the perfect cocktail.
  • Nuance Wine Opener
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    Nuance wine opener corkscrew which offers high functionality with a classic design. Contrasting black frame with chrome plated steel corkscrew mechanism.
  • Nuance Wine Cooler
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    Elegant oblique profiled Nuance Wine Cooler which attractively presents wine in the cooler without affecting the chilling function in any way. The Nuance Wine Cooler is a great example of the design philosophy that is instilled all Nuance products. Always created with both form and function in mind all Nuance products are thought through to the smallest details until they possess that subtle finesse which makes all the difference between a good and a great design.
  • Nuance Wine Finer & Waiter's Tool Set
    Combined wine finer and multi-function corkscrew set that works equally well on traditional corks as well as on the new kind of plastic stoppers which have become common at many wine houses. An elegant way to serve wine at the dinner table.
  • Nuance Wine Set for Multi Carafe
    This clever wine set for the multi carafe aerates and filters the wine in two stages. Also acting as a decorative non-drip wine pourer the wine filter looks stylish on any table.
  • Nuance Drink Sticks - Set of 4
    Set of 4 different stirring sticks made from polished stainless steel. Use both as a stylish decoration in long drinks glasses and for stirring your mojito. Remember your pattern so others don't run off with your drink.
  • Nuance Drinks Coasters - Set Of 4
    Designed by Marcus Vagnby this set of 4 decorative Nuance coasters made from stainless steel have a pattern with a smart dual function which prevents the coasters from sticking to the glasses. At the same time this pattern also acts as a collection area for condensation that may run from cool crisp glasses of juice.
  • Nuance Wine Pourer
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    Elegant wine pourer supplied complete with stopper to preserve the wines bouquet and freshness with non drip design.
  • Nuance Wine Screw Opener
    These days many fine luscious wines are sold in bottles with screw-caps. But even with a screw-cap bottle, you don't have to compromise on serving style. Designed by Marcus Vagnby this a stylish and practical bottle opener for screw-caps. Made from stainless steel, rubber and ABS plastic the user simply lowers the wine opener over the bottle cap and releases it easily yet elegantly with a single turn.
  • Nuance Wine Pourer
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    Elegant and practical wine pourer for traditional or screw top bottles made from stainless steel the pourer covers the thread of the screwtop.
  • Nuance Waiter's Tool
    Multi-function Corkscrew that works equally well on traditional corks as well as on the new kind of plastic stoppers which have become common at many wine houses. The foil is cut cleanly and precisely with a sharp circular blade. The corkscrew is in two parts, so you elegantly loosen the stopper before lifting it out with the least effort. This is a tool which will be appreciated by both professional waiters and serious wine lovers. An elegant closing mechanism encapsulates the corkscrew and the foil cutter, so it does not get caught in your pocket or scratch surfaces if you put it down on the table.
  • Nuance Wine Finer Set
    Create the ultimate decanting experience with this wine finer deluxe with stopper and finer comprising of non drip pourer and fine strainer which aerates the wine and pours in natural time.
  • Nuance Wine Finer
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    4 in 1 wine finer pouring stopper which decants the wine whilst filling the glass ensuring any wine residue remains in the bottle as the wine is filtered through a stainless steel filter. Comes complete with stopper.
  • Nuance Wine Funnel
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    Decant wine perfectly with the Nuance wine funnel enhancing its taste and bouquet as you pour. Featuring a strainer which removes any dregs the funnel is made from stainless steel and polypropylene plastic. It also comes with a stylish stand made from rubber-coated polypropylene plastic. Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Nuance Wine Finer & Wine Thermostat Set
    Wine finer and wine thermometer set complete in gift box to ensure the perfect decanting of your wine at the right temperature. A great addition to any serious wine lovers collection.