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~Lush, Curvy, Beautiful~

~Lush, Curvy, Beautiful~

A group for plus size sets! As the "average" size is 14 in the US, I wanted to celebrate the beauty in plus sizes.
Please submit only sets that have clothes that are size 14 or up!
Have fun, let your creativity flow, and show us your plus size style!

My Own Fashion Challenge

My Own Fashion Challenge

Hey all, first let me say welcome to my group! Glad you decided to join us here, and I hope that you enjoy yourself, as that is what I make my groups for having fun.
Now, this is a fashion group, but a kind of different one than you normally see around, as it comes with a little twist, which I will get to shortly. First I'd like to explain a few things.
I don't really pay much attention to what is in fashion and what not, I just go with what I think looks good as an outfit. Now, because of that I none of my contests will be about what is currently in season or anything like that. I will be making them on various other things. Probably some pretty random themes that come to mind, or colors, or just about anything else that might pop up in my mind.
On another note, about judging. Firstly, I'd like to say I am only human, and so if I am judging the contest by myself more likely than not even if I am trying to avoid it, at least to extent there will be some personal bias involved. I will do my best to make it as little as possible, and base my judging on whatever the theme of the contest is. Some contests with more specific themes would make it easier for me to do so than others that aren't nearly as specific. Sadly, though, this is unavoidable, and I just want to be honest with you about it.
Now on to that twist I was talking about, this group is not just about making fashion sets and participating in contests, this is also about sharing your personal fashion style. To do this, I am challenging you to create a collection, or series of collections that tell us what you like to wear. Every other contest I make will be for sets to put in their, though you can use any sets you want. I will also be making at least one collection for this.
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Wardrobe Staple: Nude Pumps

Wardrobe Staple: Nude Pumps

2,959 sets from 1,968 members. Ended two years ago.
Nude pumps are a must-have for fall. This color elongates your legs and works with just about everything. Show off your latest pair in a set!

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