Top Set for Feb. 24th, 2013!!
Thank you so much @polyvore @polyvore-editorial, this is amazing!! 

I was tagged by @live-love-shop in her gorgeous set -

There are two tags but they are pretty short

1} Who is your favourite celebrity? You should show us a picture of them in all their glory in a set
Well I included nu'est in this set, and I love them but maybe not my favorite. It probably is between Ben Whishaw, Matthew Grey Gubler and Matt Smith.

2} What is your favourite fandom? 
Doctor who!! I'm completely obsessed. I also love manga/anime, Harry Potter, and Sherlock.

3} Do you have a favourite colour or many? You should add a lot of your favourite colours in the set, because you know, they're your favourite colour (s)
I love navy! It's easy to wear, I also like white, grey and black. I don't really like bright neon colors, but as long as it's a bit muted or pastel it's good. 

4} Do you enjoy food and if so (don't lie to me, everyone loves food and if they don't they're either lying, or they really don't like food) you should show us that food.
Yeah, I really like italian and japanese food. 

5} Music. Who is your favourite singer/band and what is a good music line you think of?
At the moment Nu'est! They had a comeback with Hello and their second mini album is so good. I love it! I also really like Blitzen trapper and Skrillex.

6} Do you have a fictional character you keep close to your heart?
Uh.. the Doctor, Aslan(narnia), Harry Potter.. I don't know.

And the second one:
- Make a set of any kind.
- In the description, include 10 things that you are obsessed with at the moment, or that you're really interested in.
- Tag me so I can see it, and then tag five other people.
My ten obsessions:
1. Doctor who
2. K-Pop
3. Yves Saint Laurent
4. Matt Smith
5. T.O.P
6. Gakuen Alice
7. Fashion designers in general
8. Oxfords
9. Sewing
10. Downton Abbey

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